Monday, January 27, 2014

What has made you go, "OH YEAH" so far today?

So earlier today I encouraged myself and you as well to think positive make the best of Monday. It's amazing how many things that happen throughout the day that are blessings...if we only look for them.'s still very early...and I just arrived at work....and here is my list so far of things that made me say, "Oh is good!"

I had a hot shower, a warm breakfast, and accomplished some things before I had to leave for work.

My car started even though the temperature is below zero.

I was able to walk away and resist that protein bar that was calling my name.....when I really wanted to eat it, even though I had already finished my breakfast.

The days are getting longer and by the time I got to work, I could see the sun beginning to rise over the horizon.

The Lake George postmaster, Paul E. Headworth, opened the office early for me so that I could mail the dozen or so packages of things I sold on EBay this weekend.

I saw 3 Road Commission trucks out working on the roads so I know that my drive home will be much less treacherous than this morning's drive.

Even though I was the first car in the parking lot at the college this morning (I'm always WAY TOO EARLY), the maintenance crew had the drive all plowed and the sidewalks all shoveled so I could easily get into the building.

The list will go on and on today.... WHY? Simply because I am looking for those blessings...those things to be grateful for....those little joys that surround us.

Let's see how big we can make our list today. What has made you go..."OH,'s great to be alive" so far today????