Friday, January 3, 2014

It's a New Dawn...a New Day....ARE YOU FEELING GOOD????

Good Morning Everyone!  Its 4 am, -8 degrees below zero, dark and snowy in northern Michigan.....But.... It's a NEW DAWN....A NEW DAY....A NEW LIFE for me!  This is how I'm beginning my day (well, actually I've been up for well over an hour already) listening to one of my "go to song's " to keep me motivated and ready to face the day. I'm waiting for another cup of coffee to brew and dancing in the kitchen to this video. Yes, I'm crazy....yes, I'm silly, but at least I'm moving around and CLAIMING OUT LOUD that It's a new day! What a gift....a new day! Yesterday's gone.....Make TODAY a good one!    Perhaps if you listen to this song, you'll be motivated to make this a great day as well.  Go ahead....I dare it and get up and dance.....I want you to BE FEELING GOOD too! 

I'm feeling good!