Monday, January 6, 2014

It's a long road....but so worth it!

Good morning!  Love this quote!  In a little while I’m going to be heading out to travel the snowy roads to work, and when I saw this clip earlier this morning, I began to think about our journey through life. Like my traveling conditions today, your ‘figurative journey” may be treacherous.
You may encounter difficult driving conditions or detours (unexpected moments of crisis or celebration) that cause you to go off track for a while. Don’t get discouraged….just keep moving and you’ll eventually find yourself back on the right road.
 You may encounter difficult  driving conditions (temptation, sickness, stress, doubt, PLATEAUS or slip-ups) that make you want to turn around and go back home. Don’t do it….just slow it down and take your time, but keep going. You’ll never get where you want to be if you just STOP. 
You may encounter lonely traveling conditions and feel all alone on your journey (how come I’m the ONLY one not eating pizza or having a piece of birthday cake?) but remember, God is your co-pilot and you are NEVER alone, even when the road looks and feels deserted.
You may notice people speeding by you (is it really POSSIBLE to lose 5 pounds a week continuously???) but don’t worry about them, just keep going at your own pace, at a speed (or with a plan) that feels safe and right to you, and you WILL get there even if it takes you longer to arrive. 
You may find that your vehicle (your body) doesn’t look as flashy, doesn’t have all the “bells and whistles”, is a much “older model”, and/or  “needs repairs”, making your journey more difficult than some (you can’t exercise, you don’t have financial resources for weight loss programs or healthy food, your metabolism is slower due to age and illness), but don’t use that as an excuse to just “stay home” (not even attempt the trip). You’ll never get where you want to go if you don’t at least start the car and attempt to make it. 
Of course, it would be easier, and definitely more pleasant for me to just “stay home” today and not have to deal with the snow/ice/bitter cold traveling conditions today…..but I can’t……well, I suppose I could, but not without letting my employer and my students down today. I need to do what I need to do to travel the roads today, slow and steadily, knowing that it will be easier in a few days. Likewise, it would be easier and more pleasant for me to go into the kitchen and make myself a big stack of pancakes and sausage for breakfast, but not without letting myself….and YOU all down.  Don’t you dare just “quit” or “take a day off” of your journey just because it is easier.  Make a plan…Dress warm, put a shovel in the car, plan extra time, take it easy  (do some exercise, distract your mind, call a friend for support, drink some water, eat a piece of fruit), and GET ON WITH IT!  Don’t just sit there….let’s get going!
Finally….don’t focus on HOW FAR YOU HAVE TO GO….just take it a mile ( a pound, an hour, a day) at a time…..then another and another. Don’t’ worry about how LONG it’s going to take. Don’t focus on how HARD it’s going to be.  Just focus on the road in front of you, and by all means, ENJOY THE TRIP!  You can make it!! 
I am going to feel very happy when I make it safely to work this morning. I’m going to feel empowered, knowing that I DID it…that I CAN make it…even when it’s hard.  You too will find that IT IS SO WORTH your efforts.
Be safe and warm if you must literally venture out in this cold weather….and be focused and determined on your figurative journey today.  And remember…’re never going to get to your destination if you don’t start your engine and pull out of the garage!