Sunday, January 5, 2014

Have you had your water today?

SO...It's Sunday Evening and nearly all of Michigan is experiencing severe winter weather with snow and incredibly cold weather creeping in.  Other areas of the country are cold and miserable as well and I've noticed many posts on FB with new recipes to try.  Don't be tempted to hunker down and fill the boredom with food....stay strong and focused.  BUT...if you falter, at least counteract it a bit with a glass of water.

 Water is essential to successful weight loss.  I currently drink almost 2 gallons of water a day. Yes, I know that is A LOT of water, but I've been doing it for almost 3 years now and I actually crave water.  But not plain water. YUCK!  I have a hard time drinking a glass of water to take an aspirin. I use those sugar free flavor packets in a water bottle. Most of them are for 16 oz. bottle of water, but I find it is too sweet. I have a quart size bottle that I keep filling up over and over again with.....yes, TAP WATER. I put one packet of the drink mix singles in the quart bottle. Crystal Light is great but it can get a bit costly if you drink 6-8 bottles of day so I use Hawaiian punch which I can get for $1.00 a box. My new love is JOLLY RANCHER packets from the dollar store. They come in Green Apple and Watermelon and to me, they taste just like a jolly rancher candy. Love them!!!!

  Now, before you bombard me with admonishment.... yes, I know there is artificial sweeteners in them. yes, I know I probably shouldn't use them, but right now, using artificial sweeteners and getting the water down is better for me, PERSONALLY, than not drinking the water at all. What you do, is your own personal decision.  But, whatever you decide....Be aware that drinking water DOES A BODY GOOD, for so many reasons. See the pic below for benefits of staying hydrated.  Now... Have you had your water today????