Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Theresa's New Year's Resolutions 2014


When I first started my weight loss journey on March 1, 2011, I told no one of my journey for months, mostly because I did not want to be held "accountable" for my failure if I were to slip up. I did not want to disappoint anyone, let anyone down, if I were not successful in my efforts to change my life. Most experts, however, think that having an "accountability" partner or group is an important piece in the puzzle. I changed my life for myself, not someone else, but I do recognize the importance of having those in our lives to support, encourage, and motivate us to be better.  So...with that being said, I share with you ten of my New Year's resolutions for 2014. I hope that you hold me “accountable” and inspire me to work each day to keep them.


I spent a lot of quiet time in prayer and reflection in the very wee hours of this first day of the New Year. This is my hopes and aspirations for 2014, in no particular order of importance.  You will notice that they have very little to do with a number on the scale….and more to do with a change in my heart/thoughts/minds.  I sincerely believe that all change begins in my mind and heart and when we spend our time and energy focusing on becoming a better person, a kinder soul, a more loving creature, then our body, finances, and health issues will take care of themselves.  May 2014 be a year when you begin to recognize that your value as a person, your self-worth,  your goodness, comes from your spirit and is not defined by a piece of equipment on the floor in the bathroom.  Make 2014 the best year of your life…by being the best person you can be….and don’t’ be surprised when the changes in your heart/mind/spirit are manifested in a change in the size of your pants or the number on the scale. Happy New Year my friends!!!!

Theresa’s hopes for the New Year……

To be a person of gratitude….by making a conscious effort to say, “THANK YOU” and “I am so blessed” first….before “I need….I want….I think….” To be thankful for all that happens….good and bad….and to recognize the gifts of life, love, laughter….and to be aware that I have all I “need” even if I don’t have all I “want”.  And, to be sure that others know how much I appreciate their thoughtfulness and kindness.

To be  more conscious of what goes in and out of my mouth….and to try to make sure that what I EAT is nourishing, healthy, and provides strength for my body, and what I SPEAK provides nourishment, support, and strength to those who hear my words.

To try to live each day so that I bring honor to my parents and even though they are no longer physically here with me on earth, to live in such a way as to make them proud that I am their “kid”. To show my gratitude for the sacrifices they made for me as a child by putting into practice those things that they taught me are honorable, respectful, and the “right thing” to do.

To continue to celebrate the remaining 7 ½ months of my Year of Jubilee (50th year of life) by  being open to new experiences, new things, new people, facing my fears and to be willing to try things that are “outside of my comfort zone.”

To consciously try to reconcile my emotions with my actions; to eat only when my body is truly hungry; to make time for myself and to rest when I am weary; to weep when I am sad and smile when I am happy; to allow myself to ‘feel” and “experience” my emotions in a healthy way rather than avoid them run from them, or to react to them with behavior/actions that are unhealthy….physically, emotionally, financially, or spiritually.

To be more willing to “let go of things” that are no longer useful.... “stuff” like clothes and things I no longer need, “thoughts, hurts, memories, fears, attitudes” that are no longer life-giving, “people” that are no longer supportive, uplifting, and energizing, and “habits” that do not contribute to my health and well-being.

To continue to be willing to share the story of my miracle with others…in all venues….speaking engagements, interviews, the press, my blog, Facebook, etc., even when it means I must sacrifice my often “too little” free time, to be open to ‘other” ways that God wants to use me, and to work on writing my story in a book form by completing at least one chapter per month.

To try to see the face of God in all people….to hear the voice of God in all sounds, conversations, music….to  be open and come to know the will of God for my life… be the hands of God and be willing to help those in need….to speak the love of God in all my words……and to recognize the Hand of God in all things.

To learn something new each day….to spend more time outdoors enjoying God’s creation….to put “people” ahead of “things”….to acknowledge my short-comings and weaknesses….to live life to the fullest….to allow others to love me and love without expectation…..

To acknowledge that God is the source of my strength, the giver of all things, the very breath I breathe, and the center of my life, and to make sure that I make time each day to nurture that relationship with Him, to spend quiet time in prayer, to trust in His goodness, and to live a life worthy of the calling I’ve received, so that HE may be glorified in and through my very existence.