Saturday, November 30, 2013

Time to start again!

Happy Saturday everyone!  If you've indulged a bit too much over the past few days....don't fret and don't be discouraged.'s time to get back on track and start the journey again. Don't wait until after Christmas....or until all the left-overs are gone. Start today. Otherwise, you'll lose motivation and will likely have 5-7 (or more) pounds to go come January 1st.  You can do it....don't let a bad week turn into a bad month!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Made it through the day without any guilt!

Hi everyone. Well, I'm feeling very good about another Thanksgiving coming to an end. I made it through the day and can go to bed without any guilt because I didn't give in to the temptation to go overeat or even take one bite of anything off plan. As you can see above, I had a full plate...but everything on that plate was low calorie and/or sugar free. I ate steamed green beans, roasted vegetables, acorn squash sweetened with splenda and cinnamon, some white meat turkey and even had a baked sweet potato sweetened up with splenda and cinnamon like the squash. For dessert later tonight I ate some honeydew melon. I hope you all did as well...but even if you didn't intend to stay on plan....remember....tomorrow is a new day and it's time to get back on track. 

In spite of all the sadness of these past few weeks, the day turned out to be a blessed one. I even managed to smile!  Today, I am grateful for so much and I'm even thankful that I had a heavy heart...a sadness and felt the emptiness left by my dad's, my aunt Bev's, and my cousin's deaths....because it means that I loved deeply...and for that....I am grateful.

Hope you had a good day.  Below is a picture of my sister Kelly and I. She was so great in helping me to stay on track by making the roasted veggies and even cooking a sugar free pumpkin dessert, but I've yet to try it.

We are so blessed!

Happy Thanksgiving!

What a day to celebrate and be grateful for all the blessings in my life.  In spite of the difficulties and sadness I experienced this year, there is so many things for which I am grateful, namely the gift of Life….and all that it contains, good and bad. A few years ago, I honestly could have cared less if I lived or died, but today, I cherish each day, especially in light of the recent tragedy in my family. I pray that each of you may be overwhelmed this day with a sense of gratitude for your life…..whatever it may look like….whatever it may be like…..whatever trials you may face.

I sincerely believe that the key to successfully changing your life is to look at yourself honestly….and even though you might not be happy with the way things are today…..look at yourself and all that you have been blessed with….and try to recognize all the blessings…..yes….even if you are the midst of misery, depression, addiction, heartache.  Even in the midst of all of this….even if you are feeling hopeless or lonely today….even if your body aches with pain…and your heart is heavy with worry…..even if you feel like a failure……there is MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR!  We have been given a new day…..a new chance….a new opportunity…..and most importantly, we have been given a promise by God that we will NEVER be alone on our journey through life. We have been given each other….to share in each other’s lives….to celebrate the victories…to pray/support/encourage each other in the difficulities….to help and guide in our efforts to make a better life for ourselves.  We are indeed blessed!

Make it a good day!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Make a decision this Thanksgving to change your life!


As you celebrate Thanksgiving and/or Hanukkah, make a decision that next year at this time your life will be different.  Click the video below to hear my thoughts.

Nothing tastes as good as freedom

There is nothing that will be served at your Thanksgiving celebration that tastes as good as victory and freedom. If you indulge...and cannot possible resist the temptations you will be faced with, remember that you only really TASTE the first 3 bites of food. So stop there!  But, truly....nothing tastes so good that it's worth going way off plan. You've come so you really want to eat that piece of pumpkin pie?  Is it really worth it?  The choice is yours...but I know what my choice is going to be!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

We are stronger than we think!

Hello everyone. I once read a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt that said, “Women are like teabags; you never know how strong they are until you put them in hot water.” Gosh, I love that! Of course this applies to men too.  I know I keep saying this every week, but the next couple of days are going to be extremely difficult ones….AGAIN!  Last week at this time I was dealing with the aftermath of a storm that did a lot of damage in the area and inconvenienced me for several days when I lost electricity, water, and heat.  The week before at this time I was attending the funeral of my long-time family friend who died suddenly. The week before that……   You get the idea.  Life is sometimes incredibly hard! There is no doubt that we often find ourselves in situations that really test our resolve; situations like this one that makes no sense.  And yet…when we get through them, we realize that we truly are stronger than we ever thought possible.
I’ll be leaving at lunchtime to travel out of town for the wake of my cousin. This is such a difficult situation, and I’m feeling rather “dumb” at the moment, because I just keep asking myself, “What am I going to say to her parents to comfort them? What am I going to say to her 15 year old sister or her brother? How am I going to make sense of this tragedy?”  There are no right answers. There are no explanations. There are no words that I can say to take away their/our pain.  And yet…. Somewhere in my spirit, I have to trust that I will be able to learn from this experience; that I will be able to make sense of it; that somehow, I’ll be a better person because of it; that by the grace of God I will be strong enough to deal with it.  But how?  Right now, I just don’t know.  But I do know, without a doubt, that somewhere down the road….it may be years down the road….but somewhere…someday… good will come out of this.  My life experiences have taught me that, in time, I am always able to find goodness in even the hardest times.
My journey today….this wonderful opportunity I’ve been given to experience a second chance at life….is something good that came out of years of pain and sadness. Three years ago when I was at the lowest point of my life and was ready to just give up, I couldn’t see any reason WHY my life was the way it was. I couldn’t see ANYTHING good in my existence. I didn’t have hope…or motivation…or the will to change things. And yet… I am!  Out of those losses….out of those years of pain….out of that life of immobility and sadness….came forth this wonderful (yes, wonderful…even when it is incredibly difficult) new life.  You must believe that whatever circumstances you find yourself in now….whatever difficulties you have overcome….whatever struggles you find yourself in…..there is a reason….and you will one day find goodness.  Some might be just asking, “Why????  How do I change????  Why can’t I…lose weight/give up smoking/drugs/forgive and forget???  How am I going to…….get through the holidays/survive this divorce/deal with this illness/grieve this loss….whatever” Others may just be here to share….to inspire….to help…to celebrate.  
I have been completely blown away these past few days with the way that my story has touched so many people and how it just keeps circling the globe.  I wrote yesterday about the large number of emails I’ve received and the many people that have contacted me in recent days….both with positive words of admiration (thank you!) and with desperate cries for help. It will take days…maybe longer…to respond to all of them….but I will! I will reach each email, each post, each comment…..again trusting that somehow God will give me the words to bring hope, encouragement and inspiration. Again… I don’t have the all the answers. I don’t have the “magic formula” to make it easy. I don’t have the power to do it for you. What I do have, however, is the same thing that strengthens me during the difficulties in my life: faith, a tremendous faith that says.... “Even in the midst of life’s heartache (not only death…but those everyday things that cause us sorrow/worry/anxiety)…even in the midst of despair (I’ll NEVER lose weight…I just CAN’T do it)….even in the midst of temptation (WHY…oh WHY can’t I just say No?)… all of this….I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am not alone in this life.  You are not alone either! Even if you don’t have a ‘higher power”….or a support system….know that you are not alone on the journey. You have found this group. You have found this website. You have found this blog. Somehow you have heard my story. Trust that it happened for a reason…just like my cousin’s tragic accident.  Out of those years of struggle, came something good. God has blessed me with this miracle for a reason. May I always…and in all ways….use it for good. May I always be grateful for this gift of life, even when it’s hard to understand.
I am so glad to have you walking with me on this journey. I am so glad to share in your stories. I want to hear your successes….your struggles…your temptations. We need each other….wherever we are on the road….whatever our “battle” or “baggage”….whatever our reason for being brought together.  Thank you….for supporting me; for motivating me; for inspiring me; and for giving me a chance to be a part of your life.  Hopefully in the coming days, the posts will become more positive and I’ll be able to give you some practical tips and answer your questions.  Until then….please know that there is always good in each day….sometimes we just have to try REALLY HARD to find even a small ray of sunshine, but IT IS always there.  In spite of what your day may hold today….make it a good one. Life is indeed a very precious gift!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Cherish each moment: Life is short

It's lunch time so I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know what is happening the world of "Theresa".

Once again, today I am feeling all sorts of emotions....some good, some difficult.  First of all, I am just completely overjoyed at overwhelming number of people who have contacted me in the past couple of days. Apparently, picked up the article that broke last Friday on, and the response has been just amazing. I think I have added more than 50 people to the WE CAN CHANGE OUR LIVES facebook group; I have had numerous friend requests on Facebook, and my inbox has been flooded with emails.  I am incredibly humbled by all of this...and yet, I can't help but feel extreme gratitude for the gift of this miracle....for the gift of life...and the opportunities that God has provided me to share the story. So...I welcome all you new readers and group members! I look so forward to hearing YOUR story...and walking beside you on the journey.

The unpleasant and difficult emotions that I am feeling this day come from the sudden and very tragic death of my cousin, Bridget. Some of you know Bridget....age 24...was killed in a car accident just before midnight Saturday night. Her fiance, Nick, was driving the vehicle. Bridget was a promising med student and planning to marry in the near future. She was a bright, shining star, and her death has been a blow to our family, especially her parents and siblings.  Please keep us in your thoughts.  As a result of this, it may take me a few days to respond to all your emails and to be active on both the group site and on the blog.  Please be patient as my family grieves this loss.

It will take me some time to process my thoughts and make sense of this tragic death. I know that in time I will understand the lessons to be learned here. Until then, please know that I am so grateful for the out-pouring of support and prayer. It is in times like this that we realize how incredibly blessed we are to have others who travel this journey called life with us.

When I woke this morning I was overcome with gratitude at the gift of a new day....even if it was a sad one. With the sudden death of a friend a couple of weeks ago, and now this loss, I can't help but be reminded that LIFE IS SHORT.  I love the quote above....and will cling to those words from this day forward. Three years ago, this wasn't a sentiment that I lived by. I was trapped in a world of sadness, pain, isolation, hopelessness...hanging on to grief, loss, fear...and I ended up weighing over 400 pounds. You know the story by now. Perhaps you are LIVING the story today.  The good that I know longer live that story....and you no don't have to either!

 I don't know what my Thanksgiving will look like this year as funeral arrangments are pending, but I encourage all of you....starting begin to look at each day as a gift....whatever your day looks like.  Start now...this be grateful for the body you have....regardless of how big and out-of-shape it is. Be grateful for the situations that are difficult and look for the lessons that you can learn from them. Be grateful for the opportunity to CHANGE those things....those attitudes....those thoughts...that are hindering your life and causing you unhappiness. Be grateful for the opportunity to Change your grow become become happier.   Ask yourself...."If today was your last day on earth...if this was your last Thanksgiving with your loved ones....would you really want to waste it being angry...being resentful....being hurt or jealous?"  Would you really want to waste it making excuses about WHY you can't reach your goal...or WHY you won't ever be healthy....or WHY your life has to be like this. I assure matter how bad things matter how much you matter how hopeless the situation...whatever it is.... appears....YOU CAN...with God's help....and a little (well, alot) of will power....CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!! 

Make today the best day you possibly can....even...if like me, your heart is heavy and sad.

Thank you for your love, your support, your kind words.... I am indeed an abundatly blessed woman!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Theresa's tips for staying on plan for Thanksgiving

For many in the United States, this week of Thanksgiving will be filled with all sorts of  festivities. Large meals, special desserts, appetizers, opportunities to drink and party....Black name it can all be a source of temptation for those trying to make positive changes in life.  Click the video below to hear how I am going to get through the holiday week without going off plan.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Good for at least a little chucke!

Saw this on another group site and had to chuckle. In fact, I think it's extremely clever.......BUT...this is NOT how I am going to get through Thanksgiving. Later today or tomorrow I'll post my strategies for getting through the holiday's without having to resort to this. It makes me smile, though, to think of all the extreme things we do on our journey to make that magic number be what we want it to be!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Theresa's miracle as published on

God is good!  Another website has shared my story! To Him be the glory.....always!

Click here to read the story:

You can get through it!

Happy Friday! We made it to the end of another week, and gosh, what a week it was in the world of “Theresa.”  I’m thrilled that it is Friday, not just because of a few days off this weekend, but hopefully it means that the struggles of the week are behind me and I can start over again tomorrow.

I think almost everyone in the area has now been restored to full power after last Sunday’s storm. My power was restored on Tuesday but I didn’t have water and phone until late Wednesday. It was great yesterday to shower in my own bathroom for the first time all week…and flush my own toilet. I actually did it 3 times in a row yesterday…just because I could…and I was so grateful!  Once again, I’m was reminded of all the blessings in life I take for granted.

With the work week nearly behind me, I can begin to think about the preparations for the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend next week. I know there are several group members living in other countries and may not be aware of all the festivities that come along with a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. In a nutshell, it is a day when friends and family gather together to share a large feast….full of delicious treats and dishes, to remember and give thanks to God for the blessings in life. Those in the states, however, know that the holiday weekend, although joyful for many as they gather with family and friends to share a special meal and give thanks for the many blessings in life, can be extremely difficult for others especially if they are separated from loved ones.  Now is the perfect time for us to reach out to others.  Who knows…our phone call, email, invitation…or simply our sincere.....  “hey, I know you’re hurting and I understand” hugs or gaze can  make all the difference to someone who is sad.


I’ve been actually avoiding any thoughts about the holiday myself for the past several weeks, but now that it is less than a week away, I need to take time this weekend and ready myself physically and emotionally for the day.  This will be the first Thanksgiving without my step-dad, Tony, and his presence will be greatly missed. Last Thanksgiving, I was with him in the hospital on Thanksgiving morning before going to the family dinner.  This year, I’ll be thinking of him…and although my heart will be saddened at his physical absence, I’ll smile when I remember the many Thanksgivings in the past that he added to the celebration with his humor and love.


SO many in this group are in the same situation. I know many of you that have lost loved ones and for you, this will be your first holiday without them. Others have loved ones in the military. Some of you have even gone through a divorce or break-up and are facing your first holiday alone. For those of you that are grieving …whatever the reason…this year will be difficult. You may be considering “boycotting” the holiday…or choosing to stay home instead…just so you don’t have to deal with it. I just want you to know that however you choose to celebrate….or whatever you need to do to get through the emotions….it is OKAY.  It is Ok to be sad; it is OK to feel whatever it is you feel.  I’ve once heard that “feelings are neither right nor wrong…the just are.” What’s important, however is how you react to those feelings. Just don’t use your emotions as an excuse to drink, eat, gamble….whatever your vice.  Know that my heart and prayers will be all of you that are grieving loss and missing loved ones.  Just don’t use the grief as an “excuse” for behavior that you will later regret.


For those of you that have had any thought about whether you can “do it” or “get through it,” I assure you that YES…YOU CAN!  Whatever it is that you are struggling with…whether it is getting through the holidays, passing your final exams, staying on your weight loss plan, being in the same room with a relative that drives you crazy, dealing with a household of kids with the flu, making ends meet…..or like me…getting through a stressful situation at work or living a few days without utilities….YOU CAN DO IT!  Hold on to your faith and be strong.  It isn’t easy. Sometimes life isn’t easy; sometimes it is downright rotten. Sometimes you get a raw deal and life seems unfair, but you are stronger than you imagine….and no matter what it is…with God’s help and the love and support of friends…YOU CAN DO IT. You Can Get through it; whatever it is. 


Don’t let grief, struggles, stress, sadness….whatever…be a stumbling block for you.  Keep positive; keep motivated; keep believing in your miracle…and most of all….be full of gratitude always…even for the difficult times of temptation and struggle….for there are lessons to be learned from every experience. Sometimes they are unpleasant lessons…but nonetheless… will likely discover that you are stronger than you ever imagined.  YOU CAN DO IT………Believe it…and Act on it….and DO NOT GIVE UP!

Later this weekend I’ll post about how I’m going to prepare to make it through Thanksgiving dinner without going off my weight loss plan. Have a good weekend everyone!


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Let there be light.

Good Morning friends! This morning I am feeling extremely grateful. I am writing this from the hotel room that I had to rent last night because I was still without power when I finished my speaking engagement late last evening. We had a terrible storm blow through on Sunday afternoon and the electricity went out early in the afternoon. I spent Sunday night at my house, hoping that the power would be restored. It wasn’t, and it was cold and dark when I woke up yesterday.  Because I live in a rural area, when the power goes out, I also lose water, so it was a bit of an inconvenience yesterday getting ready for work. I packed a bag by candlelight and arrived at work very early so I could clean up and get ready for the day. Because the temperatures were in the 20’s and 30’s yesterday, I knew that I could not stay at the house without heat for a 2nd night. So here I am….in a low budget motel, feeling like a queen because I have heat, lights, and water.


This morning was the first opportunity I have had for a couple of days to see any news coverage. WOW! What a storm it was. There are only a few trees down near my place and no major damage to my property, but all over the county, there are pictures of severe damage. Thousands of people in my area are without power and the Red Cross opened up an emergency shelter nearby. Today I am watching the coverage from Illinois…..and suddenly, I feel incredibly blessed to ONLY have lost power. I’m sure I lost the contents of my refrigerator/freezers but what a small price to pay compared to so many others who lost everything. Some even lost their lives.  I cannot even imagine what it must be like for those in the Philippines…or others throughout our own country who have endured tornados, floods, or hurricane. It really makes me appreciate the blessings in my life and to prioritize those things which really matter.


The recent storm served as a reminder to me of how much in life I take for granted. Not only things like turning a switch and a light going on or getting into the shower and hot water coming out of the faucet, but other  more important things like people. I always try to be a person of gratitude, but the next time I find myself wanting to whine, I hope to stop and pause for a minute to think of all the blessings in my life.  How many times do we just “assume” that someone will be on the other end to answer the phone when we call, or put off things like visiting a relative or sending a card, assuming that ‘there is always tomorrow?” I’ve been reminded recently…..both with the sudden death of my neighbor and this recent storm….that “there may NOT be tomorrow.”  Today is a gift….what can I do today to cherish it?  How can I make the best of it?  How can I show my gratitude to God…and to others?


In terms of your own personal journey, I encourage you today to pause at some time during this day to consider how many things in life you take for granted.  And also, keep in mind, that none of us are assured of “tomorrow”.  Today is our gift. TODAY is our chance to make a different. TODAY is our day to make good choices and seek ways to do good… be kind…to be generous….to be loving.  TODAY is our day to CHANGE our lives.


What are you grateful for today?

PS…I have since heard the power has been restored at my home and if all goes well, I will go home to a warm house. Likely, there will be lights on all over the house that were on when the power went out….but I will be so happy to see them glowing when I pull in the drive tonight after work. I hope that any of you affected by the storm will be restored to full service soon.  Thanks, Katherine, for posting the update for me yesterday.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

We are not alone on our journey. Sometimes God winks at us!

When these get difficult on my journey, I always remind myself that I am not alone in this venture. God has indeed blessed me with this miracle and just as He promised, He will never leave me! In addition, I have great faith that He sent me all of you to encourage, support, and motivate ME to stay focused and continue each day to make try to make good choices. I am indeed so blessed!   Each day, God shows me that He is present. Things that other people may call 'coincidences', I call God Winks.  Click my video to hear my thoughts about God Winks.  Have a great day everyone!!!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Please don't cut your hair for this reason! :-)

Come on, now.... you have to at least crack a smile at this one.... Admit it...we've all done similar before weigh in day! THings like take off shoes....Take off jewelry....Shave legs, etc. One day we will learn....(sigh.....) that the number on the scale is just that, a number....and doesn't reflect how WONDERFULLY MADE we are!

Make it a good day1

Don't give up! I'm standing with you today and believing that you and be strong today.....Be Happy......Be Kind.....Be Loving....and most of all.....BE GRATEFUL for all the blessings that God has...and will give you this day!  Make it a good one!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Say No at the store!

I love this! So many times we go to the grocery store when we are tired, rushed, stressed, and/or hungry and we end up buying things we shouldn't be eating. My advice.....Just say NO the first time so that you are not filling your houses with things that are going to tempt you....things that you will have to resist on  a day-to-day basis Just say No the first time.  Click  my video below to hear my thoughts about grocery shopping and my strategies. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Looking at things in a new way

On my drive to work this morning, I was overcome with a sense of peace as I noticed the beautiful sunrise and the incredible beauty of each delicate branch on the trees. We don't get an opportunity to see these branches and the intricate way they are all "connected" to each other when they are covered by leaves.  Click my video below to hear my thoughts about "Looking at things in a new way."

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Get rid of the "stuff" that is weighing you down

A major factor that contributed to my obesity was an attempt to 'bury" some negative emotions under a layer of fat, insulation if you will, to keep me from getting hurt again. In our day-to-day lives, we often get "buried" under a load of physical stuff, but often it is the 'emotional" stuff that keeps us from truly changing our lives. Click the video below to hear my thoughts on uncovering the stuff.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Just venting

Good Morning!  I have an incredibly busy day today and am just “venting’ this morning so that I can clear my mind of some unpleasant emotional residue from the weekend so that I can go about my day. Registration is open at the college and I’m booked solid with appointments today and I’ve been given the privilege of speaking tonight to the Harrison Women’s Association about my weight loss miracle. I cannot possibly be effective at anything today if I don’t start the day with a sense of peace and focus. So… I’m venting….sharing some hurts in an attempt to just empty myself of negativity. No response or comment needed, sometimes we just need to “vent.”
What an emotional couple of days it has been. Actually, it has been a difficult week or so. The unexpected death of my neighbor/friend has hit me harder than expected, and the stress of work and the responsibilities of life have been a bit overwhelming, leaving me mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted. On top of all of this, I allowed an insensitive remark from a family member to just about totally rob me of the peace I am trying desperately to maintain. Apparently, she disagreed with a decision I made this weekend, and made it a point of letting me know it.
I was invited to go out of town for the weekend to celebrate my uncle’s birthday, but I changed my plans at the last minute when my friend passed away and some other important needs surfaced that needed my immediate attention. Certainly, I didn’t spend the weekend “having fun” or “wasting time.” Time is something that I have much too little of these days, and in all honestly, I’m burning the candle on both ends, working long hours, sleeping only a few hours a night, and barely keeping my head above water. Stress has become a very unhealthy way of life. I really need to slow down a bit in the near future. I made the best decision I could under the circumstances, but it didn’t meet her approval. It’s amazing how easy I can let someone ‘push my buttons” and threaten to sabotage my emotional well-being. Likely, it was because my guard was down due to exhaustion and sadness.
I’ve thought a great deal about this incident since yesterday and am trying to sort out my thoughts and feelings without immediately lashing back in anger. “Old Theresa” would have immediately unloaded with a barrage of negative comebacks from an arsenal of pent-up anger and then drove through the McDonald’s drive-thru window for a supersized value meal. “New Theresa” walked away, cried in the privacy of her vehicle and prayed.  We always have 2 choices when someone upsets us: Either let it get to us (which I did for the rest of the day and into the night) or let it go (which I am attempting to do right now.)  Lashing out in anger or rationalizing our choices does no one any good whatsoever. All it does is cause me to waste what little time I have with negative thinking. Nor does spending a great deal of energy trying to “justify” anything to anyone. Certainly, I am sorry if I let my family down and gave the impression that ‘other things/people” are more important than they, but what is done, is done, and if I dwell on the reality that “someone else disagrees with me” for any longer, it will likely just threaten to rob me of any of the blessings which God has waiting for me this day. I have too many other things to do today. I have students to see, people to inspire, and a speaking engagement this evening!
I am a firm believer that all things…good or bad, happy or sad, are opportunities for God to teach me something, and last night, when I couldn’t sleep because I was dwelling on this incident, I tried to think about what I could learn to help myself and others. This is what I’ve come up:
  1.      I am a caring person and I don’t typically choose my own personal satisfaction/gain over the needs of others around me, so I really need to “let this go” not allow anyone to try to “guilt” me into doing what they think I should. After all, I didn’t spend the weekend getting a manicure or lying around watching movies, but rather helping others and offering support. You, too, may have ‘hurts, resentments, anger, jealousy…..all sorts of unresolved emotions” that you need to let “go.” Hanging on to negative feelings contributed to my obesity years ago and could be at the root of any struggles you encounter on a day-to-day basis. Easier said than done, I know, but “letting it go,” forgiving, and moving on, is so crucial to personal and spiritual growth. 
  3.     I cannot live my life according to the “value system” of anyone else. Nor can you. Each of us has to find peace in ourselves and our decisions, and we cannot stand in judgment of others. In terms of each one’s personal journey….I can’t judge the behavior, eating habits, or actions of any one against my own. Too many times a person who has lost a lot of weight, given up drinking or smoking, or even gone back to college, has the bad habit of trying to make everyone around them “feel bad or guilty” about themselves. I don’t EVER want to do that, but rather be a source of support and encouragement for anyone who seeks my help. Each person needs to live according to his/her own values and make decisions accordingly. Don’t let the thoughts of your mother-in-law, family members, friends, co-workers, etc. determine your behavior. Remember, others may try to “guilt you” into your old habits… “Why do you have to go to the gym…you’re never home”…. “Why do you need to go to that support group meeting”…. “Why don’t you ever make dessert anymore”…. The list goes on. Have you heard the “whys” or felt the guilt?  
  5.       Don’t let emotions sabotage your well-being and become an excuse to binge, drink, spend, lash out…whatever. As soon as I got in the car after the funeral, I wanted to eat and scream, neither of which would have done me any good. I did, however, call another family member and immediately begin to apologize if I hurt any of them by not attending, but at the same time, I cannot change what happened. Likewise, NO ONE knows what other factors played into my decision. Likewise, no one knows that personal battles or burdens that you carry with you on a daily basis.  The next time you encounter a check-out lady that you perceive to be rude and crabby, or a teenager with an attitude, stop to think that there may be a reason they are acting that way…a reason that is immediately visible. Perhaps, the lady’s teenage daughter just came home and told her she was pregnant, or the teen’s parents told him this morning they were getting a divorce. We just don’t know the ‘whole story.” Only God knows our hearts. Be kind to yourself…and to others.
  6.       The most important reminder to me is: We cannot judge others…their motives, their actions, their lifestyle….their choices. No one knows another person so well as to know everything that is going on with the person and every thought. When I was 400+ pounds, the whole world judged me. They immediately saw the “outer obese Theresa (how could they not, it’s kind of hard to hide 400 pounds)” but no one, not even my significant other, closest friends and family members could see the hidden pain I kept inside. Anyone who deals with a weight or addiction issue knows what I’m talking about. The looks, the stares, the rude comments, the way people treat or exclude you, are all forms of judgment. Sometimes we judge those who are struggling financially as ‘lazy” or ‘a dead-beat” that is unwilling to find a job, when in reality, there may be more to the story. Maybe he/she quit a job to take care of a dying family member and has been unable to find another. We are quick to point the finger or cast blame on those who are struggling with a broken relationship. Perhaps the other spouse was unfaithful or abusive. We automatically assume that those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol are just “weak’ or “selfish.” Maybe the person is trying desperately to escape the mental horrors of war. No one but God can see into the hearts of those around us.
In terms of your own personal journeys, be aware that sometime you are going to make decisions that are best for your well-being and you run the risk of upsetting someone. Don’t let it sabotage you or cause you to “give in” to temptation. Sometimes, you are going to have to give up some invitations if attending an event is going to be a source of great temptation and will become a stumbling block. You are going to have to give up a few “nights with the guys/girls” if you are trying to spend more time with your family to repair relationships with a significant other or your children.  You are going to have to give up fast food and pizza if you are trying to lose weight. You may even have to give up some of your old friends if they are unwilling to support you or contribute to your new life. And sometimes….sometimes….your decisions will not meet the approval of those around you. BUT…you know what….fortunately, in the end, you have to answer only to God and to your conscience.  Don’t let….(hear this Theresa????)....Don’t let…anyone sabotage your peace of mind.  Make it a good day everyone….and THANK YOU…for allowing me a ‘safe place” to share my thoughts! I am blessed beyond measure!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Using food as fuel

Using Food as fuel.

Happy Sunday everyone! I've been very tempted this week to eat when I am not truly hungry. We often eat for reasons that have nothing to do with fueling our body. Click the video link below to hear my thoughts about Emotional Eating and my struggles this week.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Theresa Borawski - 275 pound weight loss miracle

I have had many new visitors to my blog, my website, and my facebook group, WE CAN CHANGE OUR LIVES. For those that do not know the story of my miracle, I am uploading my story in words and pictures below. Click the video link from YouTube to see how God has changed my life. I am truly a walking-talking miracle!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

live to make a difference like my neighbor Bob Humphrey did.

One of my dear neighbors, Bob Humphrey, died unexpectedly this week. Although my heart is aching for the loss of this great friend and neighbor, I take comfort in knowing that he died "living" and that he truly made a difference in the lives of those he encountered.  Click the video link below to hear my thoughts about his passing and about the importance of making a difference in the world. Condolences and love to his wife, Pat, and his many children and grandchildren.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Don't let doubt cripple you!

Do you ever have moments where doubt threatens to sabotage your journey?  Even at this stage in my journey, I sometimes let doubt convince me that I can't do this.  Click my video to hear my thoughts about doubt. 

It's a new Day...and a new life!

One of our group members posted this song on my FB wall and said that it reminded her of my journey. I am in my office very early before work and I just played the song for the first time. AWESOME!!!!  So Awesome that I got up and danced in my office....all alone in the quiet, empty college.  What a tremendous way to begin my day...and yes....It is a NEW DAY...and a NEW LIFE for me....and the best thing...Is that it can be a NEW DAY and A NEW LIFE for you too. Just start believing it...and make it happen!  Thank you Sally Werkmeister for making me smile first thing this morning!

Click the link below to hear the YouTube song:

It's a new Day

I love it!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Coping with the blahs

Had a bit of a "blue" weekend....but for no serious, earth shattering reason. Even at this stage in the game, weather, in time zones, in seasons.....whatever...Change is still difficult for me to adjust to and sometimes....I just need to process and work through the "blahs."  The important thing I learned along the that to really be "real" and to "grow", we must let ourselves feel what we're feeling and work our way out of it. "Old Theresa" seldom showed weakness and did a  fairly good job "pretending" to be happy most of the time, but deep inside, she was hurting and sad. Old Theresa covered it up and dealt with even the day-to-day, insignificant hurts and annoyances with food and never allowed herself to "feel."  Fortunately, New Theresa deals with things differently. New Theresa is better able to cope with the "blah" days. New Theresa can work her way through it in healthy ways.   All along I have said that in order to TRULY CHANGE our lives....for ever.....we must first change our thoughts and the way we look at things. Losing weight DOES NOT mean that life is always going to be great. Losing weight does not mean that you will ALWAYS be happy.....but it does mean that it will be easier to deal/cope with the days when your aren't. Click my link below to hear more of my thoughts.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

a good reminder to begin the week

Feeling a bit in a funk today with racing thoughts, a weary spirit, and a heavy heart....for a number of insignificant reasons. Sometimes we just have those kind of days, don't we? I came across this clip and it was a great reminder, that even on days when we feel a bit "off", we have so much to be grateful for. It's gray and brisk in Northern Michigan today, but I think I'll put on my walking shoes and go for a walk. I'm sure I'll return with a grateful heart and the reassurance that the sun is shining on the other side of the clouds above, even if I can't see it today.  Hope you are all having a wonderful day!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Doing the same thing leads to the same consequences

If we do the same thing over and over and it leads us to stumble....then it's time to do something different. Click below to hear my thoughts.


Friday, November 1, 2013

PBS televison show about my weight loss story to debut this weekend!

Happy Lunch hour!
The PBS television special about my story is set to air this weekend. Yikes! The interview was filmed back in March but it has not been shown yet. It will air in the Mid Michigan area on Sunday, Nov. 3rd, at 12:30 p.m. on the PBS - Delta station. It will be shown on the Midland PBS station at the end of November. The information is as follows for those that are interested or are in the viewing area.  Please keep me in your thoughts, even if you are unable to watch the TV show...I always experience some anxiety whenever something is about to debut. Insecure in my own skin, but absolutely overwhelmed with gratitude for the miracle!

 Sunday, Nov. 3, 2013
 Monday, Nov. 25, 2013
 Midland MCTV
 Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2013
 Midland MCTV

 This is a PBS show called UNCOMMON SENSE with Junia Doan. She did a 1/2 hour interview. I don't the show is shown in the Detroit area, but I know it is available in the MidMichigan area. Once the show airs, I will attempt to upload the interview to YouTube, but out of respect for the show and Junia, I don't want to do that until it "officially airs" in a few weeks. Here is a link to her website in case you want more information:

It's Friday! It's November: the beginning of the most tempting 2 months!

Hurray! It's FRIDAY.....and It's November!  This is the beginning of what is often the most tempting months for anyone trying to change his/her life. Click on  my video to hear my thoughts about the coming months of holiday preparations.