Monday, November 4, 2013

Coping with the blahs

Had a bit of a "blue" weekend....but for no serious, earth shattering reason. Even at this stage in the game, weather, in time zones, in seasons.....whatever...Change is still difficult for me to adjust to and sometimes....I just need to process and work through the "blahs."  The important thing I learned along the that to really be "real" and to "grow", we must let ourselves feel what we're feeling and work our way out of it. "Old Theresa" seldom showed weakness and did a  fairly good job "pretending" to be happy most of the time, but deep inside, she was hurting and sad. Old Theresa covered it up and dealt with even the day-to-day, insignificant hurts and annoyances with food and never allowed herself to "feel."  Fortunately, New Theresa deals with things differently. New Theresa is better able to cope with the "blah" days. New Theresa can work her way through it in healthy ways.   All along I have said that in order to TRULY CHANGE our lives....for ever.....we must first change our thoughts and the way we look at things. Losing weight DOES NOT mean that life is always going to be great. Losing weight does not mean that you will ALWAYS be happy.....but it does mean that it will be easier to deal/cope with the days when your aren't. Click my link below to hear more of my thoughts.