Thursday, November 28, 2013

We are so blessed!

Happy Thanksgiving!

What a day to celebrate and be grateful for all the blessings in my life.  In spite of the difficulties and sadness I experienced this year, there is so many things for which I am grateful, namely the gift of Life….and all that it contains, good and bad. A few years ago, I honestly could have cared less if I lived or died, but today, I cherish each day, especially in light of the recent tragedy in my family. I pray that each of you may be overwhelmed this day with a sense of gratitude for your life…..whatever it may look like….whatever it may be like…..whatever trials you may face.

I sincerely believe that the key to successfully changing your life is to look at yourself honestly….and even though you might not be happy with the way things are today…..look at yourself and all that you have been blessed with….and try to recognize all the blessings…..yes….even if you are the midst of misery, depression, addiction, heartache.  Even in the midst of all of this….even if you are feeling hopeless or lonely today….even if your body aches with pain…and your heart is heavy with worry…..even if you feel like a failure……there is MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR!  We have been given a new day…..a new chance….a new opportunity…..and most importantly, we have been given a promise by God that we will NEVER be alone on our journey through life. We have been given each other….to share in each other’s lives….to celebrate the victories…to pray/support/encourage each other in the difficulities….to help and guide in our efforts to make a better life for ourselves.  We are indeed blessed!

Make it a good day!