Friday, November 22, 2013

You can get through it!

Happy Friday! We made it to the end of another week, and gosh, what a week it was in the world of “Theresa.”  I’m thrilled that it is Friday, not just because of a few days off this weekend, but hopefully it means that the struggles of the week are behind me and I can start over again tomorrow.

I think almost everyone in the area has now been restored to full power after last Sunday’s storm. My power was restored on Tuesday but I didn’t have water and phone until late Wednesday. It was great yesterday to shower in my own bathroom for the first time all week…and flush my own toilet. I actually did it 3 times in a row yesterday…just because I could…and I was so grateful!  Once again, I’m was reminded of all the blessings in life I take for granted.

With the work week nearly behind me, I can begin to think about the preparations for the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend next week. I know there are several group members living in other countries and may not be aware of all the festivities that come along with a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. In a nutshell, it is a day when friends and family gather together to share a large feast….full of delicious treats and dishes, to remember and give thanks to God for the blessings in life. Those in the states, however, know that the holiday weekend, although joyful for many as they gather with family and friends to share a special meal and give thanks for the many blessings in life, can be extremely difficult for others especially if they are separated from loved ones.  Now is the perfect time for us to reach out to others.  Who knows…our phone call, email, invitation…or simply our sincere.....  “hey, I know you’re hurting and I understand” hugs or gaze can  make all the difference to someone who is sad.


I’ve been actually avoiding any thoughts about the holiday myself for the past several weeks, but now that it is less than a week away, I need to take time this weekend and ready myself physically and emotionally for the day.  This will be the first Thanksgiving without my step-dad, Tony, and his presence will be greatly missed. Last Thanksgiving, I was with him in the hospital on Thanksgiving morning before going to the family dinner.  This year, I’ll be thinking of him…and although my heart will be saddened at his physical absence, I’ll smile when I remember the many Thanksgivings in the past that he added to the celebration with his humor and love.


SO many in this group are in the same situation. I know many of you that have lost loved ones and for you, this will be your first holiday without them. Others have loved ones in the military. Some of you have even gone through a divorce or break-up and are facing your first holiday alone. For those of you that are grieving …whatever the reason…this year will be difficult. You may be considering “boycotting” the holiday…or choosing to stay home instead…just so you don’t have to deal with it. I just want you to know that however you choose to celebrate….or whatever you need to do to get through the emotions….it is OKAY.  It is Ok to be sad; it is OK to feel whatever it is you feel.  I’ve once heard that “feelings are neither right nor wrong…the just are.” What’s important, however is how you react to those feelings. Just don’t use your emotions as an excuse to drink, eat, gamble….whatever your vice.  Know that my heart and prayers will be all of you that are grieving loss and missing loved ones.  Just don’t use the grief as an “excuse” for behavior that you will later regret.


For those of you that have had any thought about whether you can “do it” or “get through it,” I assure you that YES…YOU CAN!  Whatever it is that you are struggling with…whether it is getting through the holidays, passing your final exams, staying on your weight loss plan, being in the same room with a relative that drives you crazy, dealing with a household of kids with the flu, making ends meet…..or like me…getting through a stressful situation at work or living a few days without utilities….YOU CAN DO IT!  Hold on to your faith and be strong.  It isn’t easy. Sometimes life isn’t easy; sometimes it is downright rotten. Sometimes you get a raw deal and life seems unfair, but you are stronger than you imagine….and no matter what it is…with God’s help and the love and support of friends…YOU CAN DO IT. You Can Get through it; whatever it is. 


Don’t let grief, struggles, stress, sadness….whatever…be a stumbling block for you.  Keep positive; keep motivated; keep believing in your miracle…and most of all….be full of gratitude always…even for the difficult times of temptation and struggle….for there are lessons to be learned from every experience. Sometimes they are unpleasant lessons…but nonetheless… will likely discover that you are stronger than you ever imagined.  YOU CAN DO IT………Believe it…and Act on it….and DO NOT GIVE UP!

Later this weekend I’ll post about how I’m going to prepare to make it through Thanksgiving dinner without going off my weight loss plan. Have a good weekend everyone!