Monday, November 25, 2013

Cherish each moment: Life is short

It's lunch time so I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know what is happening the world of "Theresa".

Once again, today I am feeling all sorts of emotions....some good, some difficult.  First of all, I am just completely overjoyed at overwhelming number of people who have contacted me in the past couple of days. Apparently, picked up the article that broke last Friday on, and the response has been just amazing. I think I have added more than 50 people to the WE CAN CHANGE OUR LIVES facebook group; I have had numerous friend requests on Facebook, and my inbox has been flooded with emails.  I am incredibly humbled by all of this...and yet, I can't help but feel extreme gratitude for the gift of this miracle....for the gift of life...and the opportunities that God has provided me to share the story. So...I welcome all you new readers and group members! I look so forward to hearing YOUR story...and walking beside you on the journey.

The unpleasant and difficult emotions that I am feeling this day come from the sudden and very tragic death of my cousin, Bridget. Some of you know Bridget....age 24...was killed in a car accident just before midnight Saturday night. Her fiance, Nick, was driving the vehicle. Bridget was a promising med student and planning to marry in the near future. She was a bright, shining star, and her death has been a blow to our family, especially her parents and siblings.  Please keep us in your thoughts.  As a result of this, it may take me a few days to respond to all your emails and to be active on both the group site and on the blog.  Please be patient as my family grieves this loss.

It will take me some time to process my thoughts and make sense of this tragic death. I know that in time I will understand the lessons to be learned here. Until then, please know that I am so grateful for the out-pouring of support and prayer. It is in times like this that we realize how incredibly blessed we are to have others who travel this journey called life with us.

When I woke this morning I was overcome with gratitude at the gift of a new day....even if it was a sad one. With the sudden death of a friend a couple of weeks ago, and now this loss, I can't help but be reminded that LIFE IS SHORT.  I love the quote above....and will cling to those words from this day forward. Three years ago, this wasn't a sentiment that I lived by. I was trapped in a world of sadness, pain, isolation, hopelessness...hanging on to grief, loss, fear...and I ended up weighing over 400 pounds. You know the story by now. Perhaps you are LIVING the story today.  The good that I know longer live that story....and you no don't have to either!

 I don't know what my Thanksgiving will look like this year as funeral arrangments are pending, but I encourage all of you....starting begin to look at each day as a gift....whatever your day looks like.  Start now...this be grateful for the body you have....regardless of how big and out-of-shape it is. Be grateful for the situations that are difficult and look for the lessons that you can learn from them. Be grateful for the opportunity to CHANGE those things....those attitudes....those thoughts...that are hindering your life and causing you unhappiness. Be grateful for the opportunity to Change your grow become become happier.   Ask yourself...."If today was your last day on earth...if this was your last Thanksgiving with your loved ones....would you really want to waste it being angry...being resentful....being hurt or jealous?"  Would you really want to waste it making excuses about WHY you can't reach your goal...or WHY you won't ever be healthy....or WHY your life has to be like this. I assure matter how bad things matter how much you matter how hopeless the situation...whatever it is.... appears....YOU CAN...with God's help....and a little (well, alot) of will power....CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!! 

Make today the best day you possibly can....even...if like me, your heart is heavy and sad.

Thank you for your love, your support, your kind words.... I am indeed an abundatly blessed woman!