Friday, August 5, 2016

A trip to the upper peninsula

Haven't had a chance to thank you for the prayers and encouragement for my recent speaking engagement in the upper peninsula. After I left Sault Ste. Marie, I caught a ferry to Mackinac Island to join my colleques there for another conference and some time to enjoy the beauty of the island. I returned Friday night to hear the news that my dear friend (father figure) had passed away so i headed back out-of-town for another funeral and then back to work. On Tuesday daybreak....i will board a bus with a group of my students to head back to the Upper Peninsula for a school trip to the Pictured Rocks, Whitefish point, and paradise, among other things. Can someone say "BUSY!!!" 

It has, indeed, been a very busy summer, but I am so grateful that i am able to do things I never dreamed possible and see things that I only dreamed about seeing. In addition, i'm pushing myself out of my comfort zone by seeing new things, traveling, facing fears, and being open to all that God asks of me. Those things alone are more impressive to me than weight loss. Losing weight is just the beginning of freedom....and they make so many more things possible than simply shopping for smaller clothes. It will open doors and allow you to LIVE....truly live again. It is incredibly hard work, but so worth the effort. Don't give up on your dreams! YOU CAN do it too!
Below are some photos from last week's trip.... a sunset on Mackinac Island....a photo on the beach from an sunrise walk....some miscellaneous sights along the way. Next week will feature the pictured rocks!