Thursday, January 23, 2014

Don't give up what you want most.....for a donut...or cigarette....or drink

Good Morning!  I was out way past my bedtime last night so I'm really sleepy this morning. I've noticed that I experience more temptation to stray off track when I'm tired.....or stressed, or sad, or know that emotional eating, binging, drinking thing.   In any case, I'd really like a stack of pancakes and sausage this morning, and I'm glad that I don't keep that stuff in the house anymore, but I stuck to my plan and just finished 2 eggs and 2 pieces of low-calorie toast.
 This clip art certainly hit home today.  Sure, I would have enjoyed the pancakes and sausage but how long would that enjoyment last?  How long before the sweet taste of syrup turned into the sour taste of guilt and defeat?  How long before I would have regretted giving in?  Likely not long enough for the calories to be burned off.
Such a good reminder this morning.....Don't give up what you want most.....for what you want right now. It just isn't worth it. Be can do it!