Saturday, January 4, 2014

On your own, you can't do it, but with your God, you can do all things!

I learned a very long time ago that being Independent and insisting that "I can do it myself" doesn't work.  I am extremely independent and like to think that I don't need anyone.....but I've learned that  I can't do ANYTHING alone.....I'm completely aware that every breathe I take is a gift from God and without Him, I can do nothing.
 Certainly I didn't lose 275 pounds on my own; Certainly I didn't get out of the wheelchair and back on my feet alone; Certainly I don't resist temptation each day alone; I can do NOTHING without the goodness and mercy of God.
 My God is named Father...Son...and Holy Spirit. Yours may be named something else, but that doesn't matter to me. What matters most is that you realize that your journey....your battles....your struggles, pains, temptations, burdens.....are not something you can handle alone.  Your VICTORY, your SUCCESS, your HOPE, your STRENGTH.....comes from your God (your higher power) and when you realize that ON YOUR OWN, you CAN'T.....but In/with/through your GOD.....YOU CAN...and YOU WILL change your life....then finally you will be free!
 I know it's hard.....for YOU....but for's a piece of cake! (well, not really cake, how about an apple??   :-) )  Have a great day everyone...and remember.....YES...YOU...CAN!!!!!!