Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Life is mostly Reaction

Good freezing morning...... I was so happy to wake up this morning to hear the faucet dripping in the kitchen and the furnace running. Yesterday, when I drove by the gas station and noticed that gas went up AGAIN, I had the same feeling of joy.  As this clip art says... Life is 90% reaction.  There is not a thing I can do about this cold winter weather....but my attitude about it is all on me.  Today.... I'm thrilled about the dripping faucet....the cost of gas...the sound of the furnace and yes, the DTE bill that will come next week.....BECAUSE....it means that  my pipes did not freeze and I have water; my furnace is working and I have heat; and my car started in this bitter cold and I didn't get stranded yesterday on the way to work!  Life is good...even on days like today. 
As you go about your journey today....try to remember that we cannot control things like weather....people....things that happen TO US.....sometimes even the "hand" that the game of life has dealt us.....but we can try to find something positive about each of those things and certainly....certainly....if we try hard enough, we can find much to be grateful for this day; even those typically annoying things like drippy faucets and gas prices. 
Make it a good day everyone.....and don't let the "stuff" that happens to you...or around you....be an excuse to go off track.  Keep focused....keep motivated....and keep trying to find reasons to smile today!  You can do it!