Sunday, January 26, 2014

If only it was this easy.......

Good morning!  I saw this posted on another group I belong to and just had to swipe it. It is so appropriate for this cold weather we've been having in the north. Sigh....if only it were that easy!
It reminded me of a futile attempt to lose weight in my younger years with a new type of exercise that involved machines that was supposed to just "shake the fat off."  I can't recall the name of the place, but when I lived back in South Rockwood, a new business moved into the old fire hall. The room was filled with all sorts of exercise machines that required no work on the part of the participant. On one of the machines, you had to lay down and the machine would shake the table and it moved your body for you. Another moved your legs and arms. I can't recall all the different types of machines but people would go there and let the machines do the exercise for you. It was supposed to work, but I don't see how it could. It certainly didn't for me, my sister, or my mom.  Of course, we're talking more than 25 years ago so I likely have forgot a lot about that place. I was only reminded of it today when I saw this clip about shivering. Does anyone else remember a fad like that?
Oh...the crazy ideas....the easy solutions.....the quick fixes.....we all wish we could find....and likely, we've all tried at one time or another.....the lies and false advertising we've all bought into.....just to lose weight.  The advertisers are counting on us to "fall for the gimmicks" believe that just taking this one pill....or drinking this one cleansing concoction.... or buying this one particular piece of exercise equipment will painlessly and magically make us thin.   Well, my friends... if it were easy....and if there were such miraculous inventions out there that really worked.....well, then....would any of us, including myself, continually fight the battle of the bulge?  The truth is.... it's NOT EASY. There is no magic pill. There is no fool-proof, guaranteed diet or supplement. There is no easy, pain-free, work-free, way to exercise. It's tough work....BUT....IT CAN BE DONE....and it is WORTH EVERY BIT OF EFFORT!
What are some of the crazy ideas that you've fallen for?  How have they worked for you?  Were you able to maintain the success after you lost the weight? 
Don't fall for the gimmicks.....put your trust in your higher power. Surrender your situation. Find a plan that you can live with forever and find some sort of activity that you enjoy doing.  We all can do it....if we're willing to do what it takes.   Have a good day today, my friends!