Saturday, March 8, 2014

Whining doesn't burn calories, so what's the use?

Sigh…..if only this was  false and whining DID burn calories....We would all be much lighter! Even though I am blessed beyond measure, I still do ­­­my share of whining, especially when I’m tired or stressed. I suppose we all do, but it is an area that I’m trying to improve on. Instead of immediately complaining about things like the weather, people that push my buttons, or things at work, I try to find ways to turn it around.  Perhaps you find yourself whining instead of being grateful as well???  Since whining doesn’t do anyone any good but simply robs us of joy and energy, how about trying this instead???

Instead of…’s freezing…when is it EVER going to be spring…..How about…."Wow…it’s already the 8th of March. We’re getting closer to the April showers that bring May flowers….and honestly, hasn’t the sun been shining more often these days?”

Instead of….Aww man….I stuck to the plan and went to the gym and all I lost is ½ of a measly pound this week…this stinks!…..try….. “Look at me… I’m making progress, even if it’s slow, it’s still progress.”

Instead of….Why don’t you kids EVER pick up after yourselves…… try “I am really blessed to have such great kids, even if they are slobs they make me smile every day.”

Instead of….I’m sick of eating salads and vegetables while everyone else in the house is eating burgers and fries….how about “ I really love the taste of steamed brussel sprouts or roasted cauliflower…..YUMMY!” Ok, so this one is a stretch....  :-)

You get the drift. Some of this is far-fetched and NO ONE can be grateful and positive ALL the time, but if you consciously think before you speak…..think before you lash out….think before you whine or complain… may be able to find something positive in the situation and you’ll find yourself a bit more peaceful and content….and for sure, you’ll be happier and those around you will be happier too!

SO…..TODAY…instead of me saying… “I REALLY  hate this stupid cold and runny nose…I’m going to try…YIPPEE…I have an excuse to stay in my jammies all day today!!!”
Make it a whine-free, positive day!