Saturday, March 15, 2014

Slow progress is still progress

It’s very early Saturday morning and I really should be working on homework for my classes that resume next week, but I’m not at all motivated to do so. I came across this great clip on Facebook and it has become “food for thought” this morning as I sit in the darkness drinking my coffee. In a little over two months from now it will be daylight at this time of morning and I’ll be drinking coffee, walking, or riding my bike outside. That is, if the snow is gone by then!  It is melting a little at a  time, but gosh, there is still so much. Yesterday it was 40 degrees and some progress was made; today it is below freezing again; it’s supposed to be 5 below zero tomorrow night.  This fluctuation in temps….snow melting one day….more snow the next….a bit more melting….and so forth, is so  much like our journey. But I remind myself that SLOW PROGRESS is still progress!
 We’ve all likely have experienced the same thing. We lose a pound or two one week; we gain a pound or “turtle” (new word that I learned when I spoke to the Gladwin T.O.P.S. group that means staying the same) the next; then we make progress….and so forth.  It’s a slow process to go from winter to spring and it’s a slow process to change one’s life…..lose weight, kick a habit, fight depression,  whatever.  The most important thing…the thing that gives me hope…is that even though it is happening SLOWLY…very SLOWLY….I can see progress in the melting snow pile. A little bit here and there.  Sometimes I have to look really hard to see it, but day-by-day, I can see a bit more progress and a little bit more of the roof appears.  I’m keeping the faith that one of these days…….spring will arrive.  You, too, must keep the faith that ONE OF THESE DAYS….you will see the progress….even if it’s an up-and-down time for you right now…..One of these days…you will reach your goal. You will fit into those skinny jeans. You will be able to walk to your mailbox or up the stairs without gasping for air. You will wake up happy and not have to work so hard to be positive.  I will see the grass….one of these days….and you will see your progress. Just don’t give up…in spite of “how it appears”.  In due time, my friends….due time!