Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Say NO to Fat Tuesday: Make it a SKINNY TUESDAY and drop the donut!

Say NO to FAT TUESDAY.....and to DONUTS! Today is SKINNY TUESDAY in my world. Don't give in to the lure of donuts and paczki today. It's just not worth it. Nothing tastes as sweet or as satisfying as success. Come on now, you can do it. You can resist. You are stronger than that......Look at you.....Look at how far you've come. Close your eyes and imagine how good it is going to feel to reach a goal, to prove to yourself and others that you can change your life. Trust me....the donut will taste good for a few minutes....but afterwards....the guilt, the regret, the calories, the defeat.....will quickly wipe away the sweetness faster than you can wipe the frosting off your lips. Join me in declaring today SKINNY TUESDAY and celebrate freedom today. YOU CAN DO IT...just drop the donut and walk away!!!!!