Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Goodbye Winter: Hello New Life!

Today is the last day of winter! I finally purchased a new laptop and had to go pick it up after work last night. I ordered it from Walmart (for my international friends, Walmart is a very big department store that carries just about anything one could need: groceries, clothing, housewares, pharmacy items, etc….really a bit of everything) and had it delivered to the store.
In any case, I hadn’t been in a department store in several weeks and was surprised at how the merchandising is all geared to spring and summer now. Bathing suits, beach toys, gardening supplies, summer toys, etc. were displayed around every corner.  This certainly gave me hope that warmer, sunnier days are ahead. I must admit, I sort of got “caught up” in the marketing and ended up purchasing a couple of pair of shorts (last year’s stuff off the clearance rack and a real bargain). It felt sort of weird to be buying shorts when I was dressed in a sweater dress, winter jacket and boots, but nonetheless, I took my new items home so that I’ll be ready when the warmth arrives.
Spring officially begins tomorrow and as I look out the window this morning I can see the snow piles glistening under the glow of the security light. The news is on in the background warning the viewers of the snow/ice/freezing rain expected today and for the next few days, and the forecasted temperature for Sunday night is 0 to 5 below.  And yet….in spite of all of this….. SPRING begins tomorrow!
The weather today could certainly cause me to doubt that it will EVER BE WARM…..and yet, in spite of appearances, I believe that it will be.  WHY?  Because I have faith in change…..I have hope…..and I know that things are not always going to be “as they appear.”   I shared yesterday that a friend of mine died yesterday. She is gone….just like that….passed away in her sleep. To many, she is simply “dead” because that is how it appears.  But not to me…..I know, that even though she is no longer physically alive, she is not dead, but rather enjoying her new life in heaven.  How do I know?  Because my faith tells me so….my faith tells me that I will see her again someday and that she is with God. Even when it doesn’t appear that way right now.
All of this reminds me of my/our individual journeys.  We might be struggling at the moment to believe that life will EVER be different….that we will EVER lose the weight….that our circumstances, whatever they may be, will EVER be better….that we will EVER feel better, be happier, be thinner, be free, be financially secure… anything other than how we are today. Perhaps you are filled with doubt today that you will ever reach your goals, you will ever lose weight, that you will ever kick that habit. Perhaps you are at the point of wanting to give up because you have lost hope.  Perhaps you are sick and tired of trying and failing.  I just want to assure you that IN SPITE OF HOW THINGS APPEAR TODAY…. things are not always going to be like this.   How do I know???? Because I have faith….in God and in you! 
I encourage you today to look beyond the current situation and TRUST in your ability to succeed and in your God.  I doesn’t matter if you get on the scale today and it shows a number that makes you want to scream. It doesn’t matter if your pants are too tight or your teenager hasn’t talked to you in three days.  It doesn’t matter if you tried before and failed.  Those things DO NOT DEFINE YOU….they are not a reflection of your future…..they are not a sign that you are worthless or hopeless or a failure. They are simply a reflection of the way things are TODAY….just like the snow piles in my yard.  THIS IS NOT YOUR FUTURE! In spite of how it appears right now, it will not be like this forever, but unlike the weather, it isn’t going to happen by itself.  I cannot control how fast the snow melts, how quickly it warms up. I cannot make the daffodils bloom or the grass to turn green….but it will….in due time.  YOU, on the other hand, can control your future. You can control your reactions to the crap that comes your way today. You can choose what you put in your mouth….and what comes out of it. You are responsible for your future; you are an instrument of change; you are God’s partner in transformation.   Don’t’ give in to despair…Don’t give in to doubt….Don’t give in to  discouragement….and above all….DON’T YOU DARE GIVE UP!  You can…and you will CHANGE your life!!!!!! Make it a beautiful day….and get ready for the new life of spring, of change, of wellness, of joy… Today is the last day of winter…and Yesterday was the last day of your “OLD LIFE!”