Sunday, August 31, 2014

True transformation comes from within

Happy Sunday! As I continue through this holiday weekend, surrounded by about 30 family members who are here for the weekend, I find that I must continually seek the peacefulness that dwells within as I deal with the people around me. I'm having a good time and even stayed up past dark to watch the fireworks last night...Woot! Woot! :-)  but I'm finding I must 'go with the flow" as I deal with the disruption of my typical schedule.

The words on this clip  will be my mantra as I go about this day.  It serves as a stark reminder to each of us that "Changing one's appearance....losing a significant amount of weight.......working to transform our bodies.... does not guarantee happiness or peace."  That must come from internal change in the way we think; react; and respond to those things around us that we cannot control.  Losing weight alone does not make one beautiful; beauty and contentment comes from within; from the acceptance of one's flaws; and the continued desire to be kind, compassionate, and loving.  Even a "fit" rocking body cannot cover up a bitter, resentful, or selfish spirit. My prayer always is "God, transform my mind, my spirit, and my heart, so that in turn, my body will be transformed to reflect the peace, joy, and beauty deep in my heart."

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend!  It's almost daylight; I'm off for my walk before church.