Wednesday, September 3, 2014

We are all a work in progress....keep moving forward

Good Morning..... We are all a work in progress and our "journey" will end only when we meet our maker. Too many times we begin a weight loss plan; join a gym or start a work-out routine; or other life-change venture with the idea that "when we reach our goal" ....we will resume life as usual. I've yet to see anyone who was successful with the mind-set that "This is just for a little while...UNTIL.... I lose the weight; earn my 60-day chip; run that 5K; whatever it is you seek to change.

My personal feeling is that "I will always be walking this walk" and will always need to be taking steps to improve or at least "tread water" to stay where I am.  None of us are "there yet".....we just keep taking steps in the right direction.   Don't lose heart...even when you feel like you've taken two steps backwards.  Keep believing and keep making progress, no matter how small it seems.  You can do it!