Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Don't drown in defeat....it's a brand new day!!!

Good Morning..... How are you doing this week?  Staying on track?  Making progress?  Today is a new day....a new opportunity to do a bit better....speak a little sweeter......act a little kinder......walk a little further.....and certainly, eat a little wiser.

Don't fret about yesterday. It's already gone.  I love the quote on this clip. You don't drown from falling into water; you drown from staying in over your head.  So what...you had an 'off ' day; you didn't do quite as well as you wanted to; you gave in to temptation....It's over; it's done; the candy bar is gone (if it's not, GET RID OF IT RIGHT NOW!!!).  Don't drown in would have; could have; should have's....Today is another day.  Stay strong...Get out of that place of 'defeat' in your mind.....lift yourself out of the deep waters of despair, failure, depression, and doubt.  You can do it!!!!

Make choices today that will make you feel like a winner.....not ones that will make you feel like you are drowning!   I'll be thinking of you!