Thursday, September 4, 2014

Enough is enough

I’m still pondering the clip I posted earlier today about “Enough is enough” and I’m remembering all of the things that I had had “enough” of when I began my journey.  This includes:

Pills…..I was tired of taking strong narcotic pain relievers around the clock and STILL being in constant pain, not to mention the blood-pressure, cholesterol, asthma, RA injections, and a plethora of other drugs needed to function at the barest minimum.

Immobility…..I didn’t want to spend the rest of my days “sitting” and watching everyone else live life.

Dependence…..I didn’t like not being able to do basic things like carry a box from the car, reach an item on the top shelf of the grocery store, do basic household things, or putting a burden on those around me to have to do things for me that I should have been able to do myself.

Stares and looks of disgust from strangers….

Putting stress on my loved ones who were constantly afraid that I would drop dead or sat by and watched as I self-destructed.

Being unable to purchase clothing or shoes from a store and having to pay top dollar for orthopedic shoes and unflattering ‘tent-like’ apparel from a catalog.

Living in fear….of death…of confinement to a nursing home….of being hurt and experiencing yet another loss….of losing my job….being alone for ever

Of getting “stuck” in furniture….like the chair in the hair salon that I couldn’t hardly pull myself out of.

Being afraid to fall when using the cane or getting myself from the car to the office/house/wherever….and not being able to get myself up and laying there in the driveway until someone drives by….but THEN what?  Who would be able to help me up from the ground at 400+ pounds?

Of having to sit on a chair to do little things like rinse out a coffee cup or brush my teeth

Of the way I looked…and probably smelled….and felt…..

Of being sad, isolated, hopeless, and in despair.

I could add a whole lot more to this list….

ENOUGH is/was enough……and I made that decision that I DID NOT want to live like that anymore.  Once you make that decision….and once you begin to see what life COULD be like….you will NEVER, ever, ever want to go back. 
What have you had ENOUGH of????  And more important…..WHAT are you going to do about it?

Make it a wonderful day today!!!!