Thursday, August 21, 2014

Just Thanksgiving the results would be noticeable!

Thanksgiving is about 12 weeks away, and if this clip is true, and you started today (or keep on keeping on), then when you gather with your friends and family to celebrate the holiday, these changes will be visible and noticeable! Whatever it is you want to change…not just weight…would be visible…IF… start today. If you quit smoking….TODAY….that nasty cough may be gone or at least less persistent. If you start exercising….you will be more toned and will stand taller and more confident. If you “let the negativity go and let by-gone be by-gones,” your face will show less stress and strain and your smile will genuine. If you get rid of the sugar and junk food, you may be an entire size smaller.  What are you waiting for????  Start today…Do it now!  I have faith in you…. And besides….JUST THINK HOW MUCH YOU WILL HAVE TO BE THANKFUL FOR……not just on Thanksgiving….but every day!