Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What comes out of your mouth can make you more beautiful than what goes in it!

My wise mother once told me, "What comes OUT of your mouth can make you more beautiful than what goes in it, so be kind and loving to everyone you meet. Even if you lose weight, you can still be UGLY if you are not a good person, so put as much energy into that as in what you eat." I've been pondering those words this morning as I motivate myself to get moving. I have a busy day at the college today with many appointments scheduled as students scramble at the last minute to get classes and make schedule adjustments. Today, my focus will be on KINDNESS....and I will try to remember that each person I meet today deserves a smile and  to be treated with respect.

Certainly, I'll also be mindful of my food choices.....because after all.... I deserve to be KIND and LOVING to myself as well.....and one of the best ways to do that is to fill my body with good, nutritious food and treat my body with respect....and as a temple of God.  Be kind to one another...and to yourself as well.

 Remember,  you are BEAUTIFUL and WORTHWHILE....regardless of the scale; your size; your financial situation; or your faults and weaknesses.  Let's help turn someone else's life around as we work to change our own!  Make it a wonderful day....in spite of any challenges that come your way!