Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween.....Who do you want to be?

Happy Halloween!  Often as children we put on costumes that represent "what/who we want to be" when we grow up. Perhaps it's a princess or a superhero; perhaps it's a nurse or a baseball player.  I'm dressed in a habit today....but not because it's who I want to be when I grow up, but because the virtues of a nun are those that I hope to aspire to one day. Whether you dress up or celebrate Halloween today or not, I encourage you to try to find a few minutes to ask yourself....Who do you want to be....what do you want your life to be like.....a year from now?  Perhaps you want to be healthier or a college student. Maybe you want to be debt-free or sober, or just have a different job. Perhaps you want to be thinner....or kinder....or happier.....or through the worst part of the grief or depression you are dealing with. Whatever it is.....What changes do you have to make TODAY to get there?    CLick below to hear more of my thoughts about Halloween and to see me dressed up as Sr. Mary Celebration!  Have a great day!