Wednesday, December 10, 2014

You are are capable....and you are LOVED!

Good Morning.....So many times we think that the answer to our life-changing journey lies in pills, programs, diets, groups, and other things that we DO. While it is true that we have to DO things; make choices; and change our behavior in order to see results....I honestly think that we cannot DO anything until we first change how we think and come to believe that IT IS POSSIBLE....not just for some people; not just for Theresa; not just for someone we read about in magazines or see on TV....but for EVERY PERSON who surrenders one's life and will to God (or whatever/whomever he/she defines as his/her higher power). 

My wish for you today is that each of you come to believe....truly believe and embrace deep in your heart....that are strong; are capable; and are loved REGARDLESS of what you look like; regardless of your struggles; regardless of your circumstances.  When you are able to embrace those truths, then it will become so much easier to change the things that you DO and the choices that you make.

Have a wonderful day today!!!!!