Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Be kind

Sometimes it is so much easier to be kind to others.....even strangers....than it is to be kind to ourselves. Today.....I am going to try to give myself a little slack; realize that I can’t possibly accomplish everything on my list in just 24 hours; say “Thank You” when someone says something nice to me instead of immediately rebutting with…but I am; I look; I’m really not……etc.; and remind myself that like each of us, I am a work in progress.  Being kind to others and seeing good in them is often easier than recognizing it in ourselves……and YET…..unless we treat our bodies well by getting enough rest (hear that, Theresa?  LOL); eating nutritious food; and moving as much as we are able, we won’t have the energy, desire, or ability to be kind to others. 

Forgive yourself for your shortcomings and slip-ups, but resolve to do better today. Let go of regrets about poor choices in the past, but challenge yourself to make better ones today.  Quit beating yourself up for the bag of chips you ate last night or the weight gain reflected on the scale after last week’s festivities, but make a decision that THIS WEEK will be better. 

You ARE amazing….you ARE wonderful…..you do have value regardless of what you feel like; look like; where you live; what you drive; or the circumstances of your life.