Monday, November 17, 2014

You CAN do meal at a time

“One at a time” has been my mantra throughout this journey: One day; one pound; one step; one meal…..etc.  It’s Monday morning, and although I’ve been up for a couple of hours already, I’m feeling a bit sleepy. I’m also feeling very comfortable as I sit here in my big warm robe, drinking hot coffee, and looking out the window at the blanket of freshly fallen snow. It snowed most of the day yesterday and the ground is now covered. It’s beautiful….but it’s the FIRST snowfall. The FIRST few are ALWAYS beautiful, but come February….or sooner…. I’ll be longing for spring. Still, the glorious white cover certainly does look better than the dead, brown remains of the summer gardens.  BUT…. I’m sitting inside looking out. In a couple of hours I’ll be driving in it for the first time this season, and just like a “journey to better health” it will take some time to get used it and adjust to the conditions. I really don’t have much choice because the ‘weatherbug” on my computer is flashing a winter weather advisory and warning me of more snow on the way. I’d like to stay in my jammies all day and watch the snow fall, but that isn’t an option, so I’ll get moving soon and take on the day.  

So…. once again….I remind myself that there isn’t anything I can do about the weather here in Michigan, so I will approach the day like I do my journey.  ONE…at….a…..time.  I’ll shovel one scoop at a time; I’ll drive one mile at a time; I’ll deal with one student at a time; and get through the day one hour at a time. A lot of times when the task at hand seems difficult or challenging, it is easier to do nothing at all than it is to face the situation head-on, especially when the task is less than appealing….like driving in the snow; dealing with someone who aggravates us; or making physical changes to improve our health and well-being.  It’s easier to hold a grudge than forgive; but the relationship won’t heal if you do. It’s easier to eat a donut or visit a drive-thru for lunch than it is to make a healthier breakfast or pack a lunch; but you’ll never see progress if you do. It’s sometimes easier to be negative and complain when we’re tired or irritated than it is to find good in all things; but it won’t contribute to a peaceful spirit or make us pleasant to be around if we do. And it would, undoubtedly, be a lot more enjoyable to get another cup of coffee and sit here in the warmth of my home watching the snow fall  than to get dressed and ready for work; but the light bill wont’ get paid if I do.  SO……. I will do what I have to do…

Today….. I encourage you to do what you have to do as well to get the results you want to get.  ONE….at….a….time.  Walk one step further today than yesterday; give one more compliment to someone you interact with, even a stranger; think one more positive thought or  speak one kind word to someone; and  make good choices one MEAL AT A TIME.  Don’t let the fear/anxiety/apprehension about the ENTIRE drive in the snow overwhelm you….drive safely…. one mile at a time. Don’t let the dread of getting through the entire work day or dealing with sick babies or whatever is on your plate today frustrate you… with it one hour at a time. Don’t let the … “I can’t resist temptation ALL day” cause you to do nothing; instead take it ONE MEAL AT A TIME. Get through breakfast…and then worry about lunch.  You CAN do it… WILL do it…..but it won’t happen by itself. You have to take action…even a little action….and you will see results!

Have a great day today….let yesterday’s struggles and slip-ups go; It’s a new day today!  Make it a good one!