Saturday, November 15, 2014

The changes aren't always visible......but don't give up.

Happy weekend to you!!! are changing your LIFE...not just your body or health.  You can't always visibly see the change in your thoughts and heart..(well...unless you count the peaceful smile on your face or the sparkle in your eye)....but it's happening.  Don't let a number or the lack of physical change drag you down. Our journey is for a life-time....not just until we reach some magic number or milestone.

If you ....are kinder today than yesterday.....if you.....stop yourself before saying something negative;  if you.....make even ONE person smile today for no reason at all; if you....feel more peaceful, loving, or joyful; if you.....make at least ONE change or take ONE more step in the right direction to improve your health and wellbeing......well, then, my friend.....YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL. Those kind of changes aren't always visible on the outside right away.... but they are even more important than the ones that are visible because if they don't happen....well, might just end up being a thinner or sober person.....with a not so lovely heart. There's nuttin worse than a beautiful outside with an ugly, selfish, negative inside!

Have a great day today!!!