Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It doesn't have to be like this forever

You can see clips like this....others may tell you things like this.....but until you believe it.....they are just words. Believing, hoping, and trusting that life can be different.... is such an important step in the process of changing one's life....but it is often the hardest part.  My hope today is that each of you that are doubting or hurting in some way today may come to REALLY BELIEVE that miracles are possible....and then....that you find the strength to take the steps necessary to change your reality.  

One of the most important pieces for me on my journey was to recognize that the victory and freedom was won for me long ago on the cross....and that GOD can set you free from all that weighs you down.  Sending good thoughts today to you....not sure WHICH one or more of you....but I think that there is someone out there right now that needs to be assured that Things do not have to be this way.....and you CAN change your reality.  Hang in there....