Thursday, July 10, 2014

You have to believe in yourself

Good Morning!  What a great evening it was last night, getting the opportunity to meet many of our group members who live in the mid-Michigan area.  Thank you for taking the time to drive to Clare so that I could meet you in person and for giving me the opportunity share my story and learn more about yours. I hope to be able to do this again sometime, perhaps in another part of the state when I am traveling for other speaking engagements.  For those of you that live far away, be assured that WHEREEVER I go….and whatever venue I am privileged to share this story….you all are always a part of the gathering because you are part of my journey. Some of you have known me for many years and knew me before I began this journey…..some of you have just joined the group, but nonetheless, you all have a part in my story, and likewise, I hope to share in yours. Each and every time I get to meet new people or share this miracle, I am strengthened and motivated to keep fighting the fight, so THANK YOU!

When I saw this clip, I immediately thought about all of you and how grateful I am that YOU BELIEVE IN ME…and support and encourage me, and I want to make sure you know that I BELIEVE IN YOU AS WELL!  I met some amazing people last night…..and I know, deep in my spirit….that they on their way to their own miracle.  I don’t believe that things just happen. I believe that God has a plan and that each person that crosses my path….or joins this group…has a role to play in my journey and vice-versa.  However, even though I believe that God put us on the journey to support and help each other, we all know that when push comes to shove, it comes down to US….and our choices.  I can’t make you lose weight or give up unhealthy attitudes or habits, but I can encourage you and remind you that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.  Ultimately, it comes down to YOU….and how much YOU believe in yourself……how much YOU want to change….and the choices YOU make. 

The same is true for me.  Each day, in fact, over and over throughout the day, I have to make the choice: Do I want to continue to walk….do I want to continue to  enjoy this new life….do I want to keep  this weight off….do I want to keep trying to be healthier, happier, kinder…..essentially a better person…..or do I want to eat a Donut?   In the midst of temptation….I often think of you….and how I don’t want to let you down…..and I gain the strength to walk away. So, THANK YOU!

Keep on believing in your miracle and in each other.  It will happen….. Make it a great day today. Remember….you cannot control many of the things that will happen today…but you can control how you react to those things!