Friday, April 18, 2014

You victory and new life was already won on the cross

Good, Good Friday Morning to all my Christian friends. It is not my intention to alienate those that do not share my Christian faith perspective, but I cannot separate my faith from my journey. It’s who I am; it’s the force that gives me life.  And so, today, on Good Friday, my thoughts are simple:  Complete gratitude…..and recognition….that Jesus died….on that cross… that I may might be free: Free from death, free from obesity, free from compulsive and emotional eating, free from addictive behavior, depression, fear, sadness, pain.  As I observe Good Friday, I am extremely conscious that Jesus paid the price….He won the battle…..He secured the victory…..that day on the cross. Not just my new life, my victory, my battle…..but YOURS as well….whatever that battle is. Each and every day I say this prayer, multiple times throughout the day…especially when I’m walking because it is rhythmic and helps me keep pace as I walk or ride my bike. I repeat it over and over, setting my pace:  “Thank you, Lord, Thank you Lord, you have set me free; Thank you, Lord, Thank you, Lord, for this victory!”   Over and over I repeat those words with each step.

Today will be a quiet day of reflection for me, not one in which I dwell on the sufferings of the cross because I cannot bear to think of that, but rather, one in which I unite my own struggles, my own pain, my own fears, concerns, wants….with Jesus…..and mostly one where I just stand before that cross, recognizing that the suffering endured on that first Good Friday was for ME….and for you!  What better way to say, Thank you….than to walk in that victory….to recognize the sacrifice….and to unite my own cross with His.  Have a wonderful day today…..