Monday, April 14, 2014

What you think is IMPOSSIBLE may just be unrealistic

Today.....I'm going to remind myself over and over again that NOTHING IS  impossible with faith.....and MOST THINGS are possible with a lot of work, will, and determination.  The thing I think is important here though  is to ask yourself what it is that you really want.....and be realistic about it too......I mean, for wear a size 2....and weigh 100 POSSIBLE.....(but why would I want that????)......but not likely, nor desirable. might very well be that the things that you are thinking are IMPOSSIBLE may just be unrealistic and unnecessary, which, in turn, become an excuse not to try.

 I mean, seriously.....if I said to myself, "Theresa, it's just not possible for you to run a 26 mile marathon or complete in the Olympics, so there is NO POINT in any type of training",  I'd very likely be right, so it could become a really big excuse to just do never get up out of the lazy boy.  But if  is said to myself, " You  know, is POSSIBLE (but really HARD considering my joint damage from RA and my continually painful/numb feet from neuropathy) to do a 5K WALK (not run) by September, then that's a different mindset.....a different goal, one that could be reached with hard work, effort, and daily commitment to walk a little further each time.   What seems IMPOSSIBLE to even think about today could very well happen in a few months if you are realistic about your desires.

This week..... I encourage you to think about what things you are telling yourself are IMPOSSIBLE......and ask yourself....IS IT REALLY IMPOSSIBLE......or IS IT a goal that I need to "re-define" and break into smaller steps. Once you determine that it IS POSSIBLE...then get busy!  When I started this journey.... I thought it was IMPOSSIBLE to lose 100 pounds, let alone 270, so for years,I didn't even try.  But when I quit worrying about what seemed IMPOSSIBLE....and just tried to lose 10....and then 10 more.....and 10 more after that......Well.....what once SEEMED IMPOSSIBLE....became a reality!!!!

Nothing is impossible with God on your side.....but it might be a better idea to ask yourself......what is possible for me to do in two months, rather than focus on what is possible in two years!