Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Be wise on April Fool's Day!

Today is April Fool’s Day….a day when some find humor in pranks and jokes. Today, my mind is spinning because I have some very heavy decisions to make regarding a pending offer with a magazine and a contract that needs to be signed. Today, I am praying that that wisdom of God penetrates every crevice of my mind and the grace of God surrounds me with a wall of protection and directs my every step. I must trust that He will show me the way in which HE wants this story shared.

I think there is much wisdom in the quote above…. A wise man changes his mind; a fool never will.   Some could ponder that thought in a literal way, meaning being willing to listen to the point of view of others, and being willing to change one’s mind about things.  To me, it means something completely different in sense of my personal journey.  I have said repeatedly that I think the single most important key to success is the changing of one’s THOUGHTS and the way one THINKS about things.  So…. One who is truly wise….changes the way he/she thinks about EVERYTHING. The wise person is willing to let go of hurts and pettiness….is willing to forgive those who don’t necessarily deserve  mercy….is willing to be GRATEFUL for what she has and not be envious of those who “APPEAR” to have it all and rejoices when someone else succeeds…..is willing to put forth the effort it needs to make healthy changes….is willing to stand up for one’s beliefs and convictions, even at the risk of the disapproval of “the world”…..is willing to admit that he/she is out of control and needs help…..is willing to surrender his/her mind, will, body, relationships, finances….really one’s life to a higher power that he/she has never seen.   Change, true - lasting – life-long change, begins in the mind….and then is manifested in the body.

As I ask God for wisdom for myself this day…. As I pray that I make wise choices about my future and the sharing of this story….know that I pray for YOU too….that you make wise choices about your life.   Don’t be foolish today and fall prey to the idea that your emotions can be filled with a donut; that your hurts can be alleviated with a burger and fries, that your will is strong enough to only eat a handful of chips.  Make WISE healthy choices today. Be conscious of what you eat….but more importantly, BE MINDFUL OF WHAT YOU THINK!
Have a good day, my friends.