Saturday, April 5, 2014

Don't let distractions throw you off your game!

Easily distracted…..the state of existence in my world this week!  It has been such an emotionally, mentally charged week for me.  There were several really exciting developments in my life this week in terms of opportunities to share my story. Earlier this week I received a phone call from a journalist in England wanting to do an interview and a feature story in a magazine over there. This was quite an honor, but it came with a lot of confusion and anxiety because it involved signing a legally binding contract. I also finalized the details of a keynote address that I will presenting in a month or so. On one hand, I find it amazing how modern technology has been used to spread this miracle around the world, and am surprised at the stir it causes; and yet, I’m not really surprised because I believe in my heart that all of this fuss has nothing to do with “Theresa” and EVERYTHING to do with God and His desire to use me to help others. I don’t understand it; I don’t know the world of ‘Business, contracts, law, or public speaking”, but I trust that all of the pieces will fall into place when and how they are supposed to. Learning to trust and letting go of the control is not easy; but neither is my (or your) journey. It’s a day-by-day surrender of will; the willingness to say, “I don’t know how”; “I’m afraid”; “What if I fail or I can’t stick with it”; “But…this is hard……..”  You been there??????  
It is a joy to be given the opportunity to help; to be used to bring hope; to give Glory to God, but it can also be distracting. On top of the stuff I have to do every day…, study, write, live, eat, sleep… know all the stuff we do every day, I’ve been distracted with the details of these contracts and opportunities. Being distracted by “LIFE THINGS” or “Unexpected issues that come up” can play havoc on one’s journey and can easily become a stumbling block.  This week I was operating on about 4 hours sleep every night. I didn’t eat well; my schedule got off-kilter; I felt a lot of emotions. I didn’t have time for much physical activity. I wasn’t as “available” to the people in my life and some of them felt neglected. My house is a mess; my laundry didn’t get done; many of my e-mails are yet to be answered; I didn’t post to the group as much as I’d like;  and I didn’t even get to watch the Tiger baseball season opener and had to rely on the news for the highlights.  It was just one of those weeks and now I have some catching up to do.  Distractions can cause one to feel stressed, unsettled, and unfocused……IF….we allow it to! 

In the course of my journey, I encountered many distractions that threatened to totally knock me off my game.  There are those things that we all face… birthdays, holidays, special occasions…..that can distract us…(even for just a couple of days)….IF WE LET THEM.  There are also those ‘unexpected….stressful….painful and emotional things……Like the death of a loved one or friend, an illness or health concern, a family crisis or emergency… issue at work….a fight or misunderstanding in a relationship…..a power-outage, job layoff, car breakdown, major household repair….a weather-related situation……you name it. Do we let those things become an excuse to go off plan…to give it to temptation? I hope not!   EVERY SINGLE DAY….we get things thrown at us that test our faith….threaten our peace…..tempt our will…..distract us from our focus.   Our journey is continual, daily walk.  All day….we make choices to either move forward or quit….to do what we KNOW is right, or to do what we WANT to do. I don’t know about you; but I have to constantly keep my eyes of the goal; to continually remember my motivations; to remind myself that I cannot do this on my own; to surrender MY WILL….MY WANTS….MY FEARS….MY STUFF… God…..because I know how easily I can get distracted….and how easily I could lose focus….and how easily I go back to the old way of life. 
Each time I find myself wanting to give up….to give in to the stress….to let doubt, and fatigue, and fear, and anxiety, and insecurity  overtake me…..I have to keep reminding myself that I want to keep on walking…..LITERALLY (never want to go back in that walker)…..and FIGURATIVELY….(never want to try to do LIFE alone).  I have to continually remind myself that I am work in progress….that God isn’t finished with me yet….that I have so much to learn….so much to change…and I am not perfect and am going to make mistakes and slip-up……..and that EACH DAY….even with distractions….is my chance to be a better person….to be kinder….to be more loving and caring….to be generous, trusting, and supportive… bring joy, hope, encouragement to someone who may be hurting or lonely……and most importantly….each day is an opportunity to bring glory to God….and honor to the parents that gave me life.

  I encourage you today….don’t let the distractions that are sure to come your way knock you off your game; make you lose your focus; or cause you to give up on your journey.  You’ve got this……even if you encounter a temporary road-block or detour!  Make it a really wonderful day!!!!