Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Mirror Doesn't Define Us!

Yesterday one of our group members commented about a song that she really liked. It is called Mirror by Barlow Girl.  I didn't get a chance to listen to it yesterday but I just played it this morning and WOW...what a great song and message! It was so fitting today because I had a very "be critical of Theresa" kind of morning while getting dressed. My dress is too short, my hair is too thin, my face looks old, my tan is fading, my teeth stick out, my excess skin is gross.......DO I NEED TO GO ON????  LOL"  Come on, admit it, we all have those experiences when we look at the reflection in the mirror and see only imperfections, instead of the face/heart of God.  What a silly morning....BUT....then... I heard this song and just stopped and thanked God for his mercy, his unconditional love, his spirit and mostly for dwelling inside of me.
On the way to work, I prayed the prayer that I pray each day....Lord, open  my eyes so that I may see "YOUR FACE" and "YOUR PRESENCE" in each person I meet this day. Open my ears that I may hear YOUR VOICE, in the sounds, conversations, songs around me. Open my mouth, that I may speak words of support, encouragement, inspiration, and love to all those who will hear me this day. Open my Heart, that I may love and show kindness, forgiveness, compassion, and genuine caring to all those I encounter. Open my mind, that I might KNOW...and UNDERSTAND....YOUR ways, GOD, and follow your path, and Open my hands....that I may serve and help those who need a hand.  This song reminded me that I must have eyes, ears, mind, and heart to see, hear, and recognize GOD's PRESENCE in ME first, before I can see it in others!  How silly we are to be concerned about the mirror....when no matter what we look like on the matter what size pants we put on this matter how bad a hair day we might have (there are many who have lost their hair...shame on you, Theresa)....We are all made in the image and likeness of our God. AND....HE thinks we are perfect.....just like we are.   Can we do things to make ourselves feel better???  Can we lose a few.....or many pounds to make our bodies healthier?  Can we take the time to take care of our appearance and have good grooming habits?  ABSOLUTELY....... reality....WE ARE BEAUTIFUL, not because the world says so...(what do they know anyway?   LOL)...but Because GOD says so!!!!