Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Don't eat your fruit in pie form!

Apples, Peaches, Berries....Oh my!  I stopped to the farm market this weekend and there is an abundance of fruit in season right now. Beautiful, fresh, colorful fruit galore!  Autumn is typically the time of all forms. Apple pies, apple cider, apple fritters, you name it.  All of these delicious treats and the aromas of freshly baked apple recipes in the kitchen.  There is nothing like it.....but you know what is even BETTER than that????   Being healthier, being thinner, being fit!  I am all about..."enjoying the fruits of the harvest, especially when they are in season....(hence the overindulgence in fresh watermelon these past few weeks!), but there are a lot better ways to enjoy the bounty than eating a half of apple pie-alamode! I bought a bag of apples at the market and am going to attempt to make a low calorie version of chunky apple sauce using Splenda this week, and I'm sure I can make an apple crisp in a low calorie version. I've also made mulled cider with the sugar-free hot apple cider packets they sell in the grocery store (in the aisle with hot chocolate, tea, coffees, etc.) Only 15 calories a cup and if you add a cinnamon stick, some other mulling seasonings, a bit of splenda brown sugar, you will hardly notice the difference. Of course, you can't get it at the cider mill, but still....isn't the pay-off of sticking with your plan worth it?? 
 Below is a link to a quick, low calorie apple treat that can be made in the microwave. I confess that I haven't tried it yet, but it sounded simple enough.  Do any of you have any low-calorie alternatives to fruit pies?  If so, please share them with us!