Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sharing my story tonight

Good Morning! I have another speaking engagement tonight, so this morning I’ve been trying to quiet down my thoughts and empty myself so that God may stir in my heart and place the words there that He desires me to share tonight…..well that and deciding what to wear…just kidding…… well, sort of!  J  In any case I’m a bit anxious this morning. Although I’ve been given the privilege of sharing my story several other times in recent months, this one is a bit different. Tonight I will be speaking to an Addiction Recovery Group at the Church of Jesus Christ, Later Day Saints, otherwise known as the Mormons.  I know very little about the doctrine and creed of the Mormon faith, so my biggest concern is that my words are not offensive to anyone present. I need to trust that God has blessed me with this miracle and He will give me the grace to share it, as well as present me with the opportunities to do so.  SO…as I progress through my busy day at work today, I’ll continue to try to be open to the ways in which God speaks to me today……that…..AND…..try not to overeat because I’m stressed!


It really is an honor to go to this group tonight. Although my “addiction” is to sugar/food, and it’s likely that many of those present tonight will not have an issue with weight, I think I experience many of the same struggles as those who struggle with substance abuse, alcohol, shopping, gambling….whatever…. just like so many of you in this group. It’s great to know that we can learn from each other…we can support each other in our own personal battles….we can commiserate when we struggle, and celebrate when we see progress!  Tonight I will certainly share he story of my weight loss, but mostly, I hope to bring hope and courage….that no matter what situation one finds themselves in….no matter how difficult and painful life can be at times….no matter how bad of a mess we make of our lives, GOD can…and will….STILL help us turn things around!   If I can convey the message that “on our own”, we can do nothing…but by the grace of God….WE CAN CHANGE OUR LIVES….and WE CAN BE FREE….then God will be glorified and I will be at peace.  Keep me in your thoughts today, ok and Have a great day!