Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Finding your way through the fog

Brrr…..baby, it’s cold outside! I know…what I am complaining about now….it’s a balmy 30 degrees….in a few months, 30 will feel like a spring day!  But…after 85 last week, 30 is cold, but once again, it’s supposed to be in the 80’s on Thursday.  Nonetheless, we got frost last night. This morning I went out to uncover the flowers and the sheets that I used were frozen stiff. Apparently, they got damp with dew and then froze, but most of the plants appeared to be ok. I picked a large bouquet for my office because one of these days….very soon… I need to just say, “Theresa…give it up” and let nature take its course”, but I’m a pack-rack by nature so whether it’s the seasons….(I didn’t take my Snowman Christmas tree down until March last year, remember????)  sentimental stuff….(I still have the cork pot holder trinket thing I made for my mom in kdg),  old clothes…(I better NOT ever wear those 6X clothes in the garage) or ‘drag me down relationships/friendships” even past hurts and or inconsiderate comments from others, I have a tendency to “hang on to it/them” too long. I need to learn to “let some things go” and look for the joy in the autumn!  After all, it was “hanging on to grief, unworthiness, doubt, fear, pain, past failures….etc.” that caused me to gain so much weight and kept me from losing weight for years.  It’s time to LET IT GO!!!!! 


I encountered an unusual thing this morning on the drive into work.  I have a very lovely, about ½ hour commute to work, traveling down some beautiful country roads. It is usually a time of quiet reflection and prayer.  I often see an abundance of wild-life, especially in the early morning. Last evening, I saw a coyote on the way home!  Pretty cool to see, but I don’t want them in my backyard! This morning, I was coming up over a large hill, heading due east and watching the sun come up when all of a sudden, without warning, I was in a cloud of fog/steam. Because of the cold temperature and the body of water on the side of the road, there was a huge area of steam rising up over the water and for a few moments, I was blinded and literally could not see a thing in front of me.  It was a bit frightening at first because it happened without warning and I was traveling at about 50 mph. I immediately slowed down and began to creep through the mist, knowing that the sun was shining very brightly on the other side.  Instinct kicked in and because I traveled this road many times, I knew what to expect. I didn’t know if there were cars or animals in the road, however, so I had to just creep my way along a few miles an hour. Fortunately, it didn’t last very long and before I knew it, I was back in the sunlight and safely on my way.


I thought about that incident the rest of the drive. It caused me to think about those situations in my life where… “things were cruising along at a nice pace, things were going well, I was experiencing success in my life/job/family, health, I was doing great in school….life was good”….and then…all of a sudden…almost without warning, THE BOTTOM FELL OUT!  A family member got ill, someone I loved died, I had an accident, failed a test, lost my job, someone I cared about hurt/betrayed me….whatever. You can fill in your own blanks, because I’m pretty certain you’ve experienced this in your own life; perhaps not the same as I, but nonetheless, you’ve experienced times when “Life was good” and then suddenly it “wasn’t”. 


In your journey to a better life, it is likely that you’ve encountered the same type of situation.  Perhaps you were doing REALLY GREAT on your weight loss plan, and then you “had a bad week”, really “blew it and gave in to temptation”, hit a plateau or even had a ….gasp….GAIN….at weigh-in.  You may have been like me and lost a lot of weight years ago, only to “go off the diet” and gain it all…and then some…back! Perhaps you had gone 6 weeks without a cigarette, (or a drink/pill/whatever you battle) and then something stressful happened and you took “just a puff or a sip” and you went right back to the habit.  Perhaps you were doing really well paying off a bill or saving for an emergency or whatever…and then you found something that “you just couldn’t live without” and went on a crazy shopping spree.  Maybe it was illness in yourself or a loved one when the “treatment” isn’t/wasn’t working any more. For me, I’ve been doing great at controlling my Rheumatoid Arthritis, and then out of nowhere, it rears its ugly head to remind me that it never really goes away. 


Like me on my drive this morning….when those times happen, (and they will happen), you have to “rely on instinct”….you have to slow down and take it a few yards/hours at a time.  You have to remember that “you’ve gone through tough times before” and came out on the other side just fine, likely even stronger that you imagined, even though it was/is unpleasant/hard/sad/completely miserable for a time.  If you’ve fallen off the wagon/weight loss plan, are experiencing a tough time emotionally, financially, physically, spiritually….whatever….and you can’t see “ANY WAY OUT”, trust that it is only temporary and YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT…slowly, inch by inch, pound by pound, day...or hour by hour, YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT!!!!!  YOU WILL have better days ahead…YOU WILL lose weight THIS TIME….YOU CAN…and YOU WILL…change your life/situation! 


Just don’t “pull off the side of the road and just sit there” because you can’t see HOW you will get through it/get back on track/make things better, whatever….Keep working…keep moving…SLOWLY and WITH CAUTION”….and YOU WILL….get to where you want to be. How do I know??? Because you/I have been down this road before…we KNOW HOW TO DO IT….We know what’s on the other side…and WE KNOW that THE SUN is shining, because if we look really hard, we can see it shining through the fog/clouds.   Don’t you dare give up!!!!!!!!