Sunday, February 9, 2014

Yikes.....My story hit the National Enquirer

My head is kind of spinning this morning as I try to process the events of the past couple of days. My too-short visit with my family is coming to an end and I’m a little apprehensive about my return trip later today because it is snowing and the news is saying the roads are slippery. I’ll just have to take it slow and easy.

 On top of the weather, I’m still reeling from finding out last night that my story hit the National Enquirer! Yikes!  I never even talked to anyone from the magazine, but as I read bits and pieces of the story, I recognized that some of it was taken from the Woman’s World magazine article and other publications. The picture in the purple dress was taken by the Woman’s World photographer when he came to the college for a photo shoot. I never got to see any of the 200+ pictures were taken that day except for the one published in the magazine, and now this one in the Enquirer.  I guess if my story and pictures are “out there” then anyone can run them, even without my knowledge.  Oh well…as long as the truth is told and God is given the glory, I’m going to have to be okay with that.  I just never in my wildest dreams thought I’d end up in a tabloid!  I just don’t even know what to think about all of this. It will take time to adjust to all of this, I suppose.  In any case, the story is on the inside back page of the Feb. 17th issue. Something tells me that car is heading back up the roller-coaster!

Last night 24 of my family members gathered at Olive Garden restaurant to celebrate my aunt Kathy’s birthday. It was great to see everyone all together. I am blessed to have a close knit family that gets together as often as possible. Because I live up north, I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like so I enjoy seeing everyone when I’m able to. 

Going out to dinner can be challenging for those on a weight loss journey. I rarely do it, but this was a special occasion and I planned ahead of time what I was going to order. The waitress was very accommodating, and brought me a bowl of salad without the dressing. I had packed my own dressing discreetly in my purse and simply used that instead of that wonderful Olive Garden dressing .My vinaigrette only has about 5 calories in 2 tablespoons so I used it freely and without guilt. I passed on the breadsticks. I was surrounded by delicious looking pasta dishes drenched in sauce and cheeses, but those types of foods are a definite no-no, even at this stage of my journey. I just can’t give in; it’s too easy to slide down that hill.  For my dinner,  I ordered apricot chicken but had them put the sauce on the side and just used a small amount when I’d occasionally dip a piece of chicken in it. The entrĂ©e included grilled chicken, steamed broccoli and asparagus. I’m certain that the entire meal was easily under 500 calories because I didn’t eat the sauce.  Not bad for a rare meal out. 

Eating out was one of the biggest habits I had to break when I started this journey. I very rarely went into restaurants because of the mobility issue and the fact that I couldn’t fit in most booths, but I was a drive-through junkie. I would go to the fast food drive-thru and order as much food as I want without risk of judgment. The person delivering my food didn’t know that all 3 cheeseburgers were for me or that I was going to eat all the super-size fries myself. So, I ate it alone in the privacy of my car. The same with a pizza. I would order an entire small pizza and eat it myself in the privacy of my home.  Being a closet eater and eating alone is a sure way to sabotage your journey. Hiding food, sneaking snacks, stealing treats…..all former practices that contributed to the obesity.

In the three years of this journey, I probably have eaten out less than a dozen times. It’s just not conducive to healthy choices UNLESS you plan ahead. For many people, eating out is a way of life and it’s something they do on a weekly (or more) basis. It presents a real challenge but you can make good choices if you think ahead. Check online for menus. Bring your own salad dressing. Be prepared. Ask for a nutrition guide with calorie information. Don’t be afraid to ask the chef or waitress to go steam or grill your food or put your sauce/gravy, etc. on the side. The restaurant is there to serve you…..don’t pay good money to sabotage yourself for the sake of pride. It’s just not worth it. Plan ahead….and find ways to “live” your life in a new, healthier way. It can be done and you can enjoy many of the social events that have part of your life. Remember…this life change is FOREVER and it’s unlikely that you will give up dining out, going to parties, celebrating birthdays completely for the rest of your life, so you have to find a way to make it work.

I’m going to be extremely busy when I return home trying to get caught up on work, homework, EBay, etc. Trying not to stress about it now, but certainly will have to pay for my short time away. But…all is well…God is good….and I am blessed beyond measure!

Make it a happy day today…..Rejoice….Be grateful….and Stay motivated! You can do it!!!