Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Are you going to quit...or fight?

I went to the Mid Michigan Community College basketball game last night. It was the first time in our college’s history that our team made it to the play-offs. The game was awesome and I am so proud of our students! At one point in the season, they had a dismal 5-12 record and several of the players wanted to quit the team, but they didn’t because the other team members wouldn’t let them.  I’m so glad they fought through the hard times because each loss made them want to win all the more. They ended up winning their next eight games and qualified for the play-off game. Last night they rocked the court and are now heading to Chicago to face another opponent. 
Besides having a good time and enjoying a rare “night out,” I couldn’t help but think of all of us and our personal journeys to better health and wellness. I can’t speak for you, but certainly there have been times in the past three years when I wanted to just “quit” and give up, especially when I encountered those dreaded plateau weeks when nothing I did seemed to budge the scale. Other times when the media frenzy was particularly active and I was weary, I wanted to just hide away in the corner.  Still other times, even now, the temptation to eat just “one bite” or take just “one day off plan” is overwhelming. And yet, by the grace of God… I don’t give in. I don’t give up. I don’t quit.  Why is that?
Well, first of all, it’s because of my faith and my reliance on God’s power, not my own, but also, it’s because I have a burning passion to succeed. My motivation was so strong because I wanted to, and still want to….WALK more than I wanted/want to eat junk.  My every thought, then and now, was getting strong and getting my life back. I did not want to be a slave to that walker or that life, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.  Those players have that same drive, only their goal is different than mine. Likely…or hopefully….you have or can find that same determination and you want something (whatever it is) so bad that you are willing to do WHATEVER (within reason and without harming yourself or someone else) it takes to get it. 
SO…what do you want?  Is it to lose weight or fit into a smaller size? To walk a mile or run a 5K?  Is it to find a job that is both life-giving and provides for your needs?  Is it a better relationship with a significant other, friend, or children?  Maybe it’s to have closer walk with God or a better attitude. How do you define success?
 I think we need to really define those things that we want to accomplish….and we need to be realistic when we do.  I am never going to be a size 6; I have no desire to be.  I am not motivate by money or prestige; never been. I am not overly concerned by the number on the scale, although I monitor it carefully and continue to stay on my eating plan. BUT… I do want to continue to be active, to walk and ride my bike, to someday learn to dance, to enjoy reasonably good health, and to continue to share my story to help others, so I will continue to work each day to maintain this weight loss and to be a kinder, better person. Mostly, I want to make a difference in the world….to the people God sends my way…to those I meet each day…to YOU!  And I want to live a life that is pleasing to God and that would make my deceased parents and grandparents proud of me.  I want those things so bad…that I will not give up, will not give in to fatigue and temptation, will not lose hope.  That type of motivation and determination does not come from THERESA…it comes from GOD.  That is the type of drive I see in the MMCC basketball team and that is the type of drive I hope that you find so that you can become the people you desire to be.
Are you going to give up because you had or are having a bad day?  Are you going to quit because it’s hard or are you going to fight, and keep trying, even when you have a moment of weakness?  The decision is yours. I’m going to be in the stands cheering you on whether you win or lose, but you will never WIN if you quit playing the game!  Keep going….Keep trying. YOU CAN …and YOU WILL….succeed if you want it bad enough!