Tuesday, December 3, 2013

You are no doubt going to be "skin-nier" if you want to be skinnier!

Good Morning everyone! As I'm processing the multiple emails that have stacked up in my inbox, I've noticed a number of people are asking the same question: Did I have surgery to remove the excess skin after my weight loss?  For those that have heard me speak or been a blog reader or member of my Facebook group, you've heard me answer the question before, but for others, I've created a video with my thoughts on the matter. The bottom line is this:  You have be willing to be "skin-nier"  if you desire to be skinnier. It's a horrific side-effect of weight loss.

I discovered over the holiday weekend that some of you that are viewing this on tablets or mobile devices are unable to open the videos so I'm posting a direct link below to YouTube where you can view it if you wish.

Here is the link:
Excess Skin after massive weight loss