Monday, December 2, 2013

For some it's Cyber Monday....for me, it's Start All Over Monday!


The world calls today "Cyber Monday" because of the wonderful shopping discounts online. Even though I'll do a little cyber shopping myself, I am proclaiming today, "START ALL OVER MONDAY!"  Although I didn't stray too far off plan this holiday weekend, I'm sure that many of you might have eaten more than you planned or indulged a bit. If you didn't, GOOD FOR YOU.....but if you did, I encourage you to START ALL OVER....right this minute. Put the donut down....repack your lunch to include healthy choices....and get back on track today. Do not use this past weekend as an excuse to indulge for the entire month of December and wait until the Christmas/holiday season is over to start again in January. Start that at the very least, you'll get to January 1st at the same weight and you won't have the 7-10 additional holiday pounds to lose on top of what you'd already like to use.  Click my video to hear my message today.