Thursday, June 19, 2014

one little change at a time

Although I pretty much went “cold turkey” when I began my journey, it’s not necessary to do so. My initial “dump the sugar and regular soda” was all at once, but the first couple of weeks of my journey involved small changes like switching to diet soda, then alternating a bottle of soda with a bottle of water, then drinking carbonated flavored water, then eventually just water flavored with those sugar-free flavor packets.  It took a few weeks to pretty much (I’ll drink a diet coke on occasion) eliminate soda but I honestly don’t miss it at all (and I was ADDICTED….drinking an entire 2-liter bottle every night and 2 mountain dews (24 oz) each day!) YIKES!

The same principle guided the process to get back on my feet and walk without a mobility device. It took long, long time….well over a year….to regain strength in my legs and lose enough weight that my knees and joints could support my weight for more than a few minutes. First I practiced standing up and sitting down; then trying to stand up for a couple of minutes at a time; then walking behind the wheeled walker for a few steps without having to sit down; then a bit further….and so forth until I was able to use just the cane….and THEN…..Walk a short distance..(literally only yards) on my own. Once I was able to walk without the cane, I increased my distance by a few yards each day until I could walk a mile.  Now?  I can do a few miles at a time, although the latest challenge is constant pain and numbness in my feet due to neuropathy. I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to walk before that little situation compromises my mobility,  but for now, I celebrate and enjoy the freedom of being able to go just about any place I choose. Hopefully, by the grace of God, I’ll be on my feet for the rest of my days!

So, my friends….. Don’t think that you have to DO IT ALL ON THE FIRST DAY…..just make a little change today and another little change next week……and another the week after that……and by the end of the summer, you will see progress and these little changes will become a way of life. 

You’ve got this… can do this………little…..easy to live with…..change……at a time!  Have a good day!