Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fill your "Life-change toolbox" with secret weapons

If I knew the “secret”, or could perform a miracle to make everyone in the world healthy, happy, prosperous, kind, and fit, I would likely not be sitting here at 4:00 a.m. deciding what to wear to work today. Instead, I would be thinking about what kind of fun activity like boating, fishing, or gardening which I could do instead.  Maybe I’d be preparing to visit some group to share my story: that’s a true joy for me! 

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill; there is no perfect “diet”; there is no 100% guaranteed plan. There is, however, deep within each of you, the power and ability to change your own life for the better. It’s called WILL and DETERMINATION….and each of us have those characteristics inside but sometimes they get buried and covered up by the “stuff” that life throws at us.  Sometimes they get squashed by past failures, sickness or grief, negative experiences, or thoughts like fear, unworthiness, hopelessness, and despair.  Sometimes we just forget that we CAN do it and that we don’t have to do it alone: GOD will help us and He will put people in our life to support and encourage us along the way….like you all do for me! 

Although there is no so-called SECRET, I do have special tools and weapons, if you will, to fight the battles. For me personally, my journey is empowered by my faith. Scriptures like: “Greater is HE that is in me, than He that is in the world,” And……”Not by might, not by power, but by my spirit, says the Lord,” and… “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding” give me the strength each day to carry on.  They are my “go-to’s” and I often repeat them, and others, when I encounter weakness or anxiety.

I also have a special piece of jewelry that serves as a reminder of my journey. When I lost my 200th pound (I weighed 228 pounds when I reached that particular goal) I made a promise to MYSELF….not anyone else….that I would NEVER allow myself to weigh more than I did at that time. I was still a long way from my goal and I eventually went on to lose another 70 or so pounds, but at that time, it was important for me to pledge to myself that I would NEVER allow myself to exceed the weight I was when I lost that 200th pound. I was well aware that even when I reached goal, there will be likely a 10-15 pound window where my weight will fluctuate in the coming years and I’m perfectly okay with that…but if I ever get anywhere near that 228 pound mark….someone better kick my butt!  When I was nearing that 200 pound loss milestone, I began to shop for that special piece of jewelry that I would wear every day as a reminder of my promise and my journey. I wanted it to mark the event and be very significant. I ended up purchasing a ring that has two rows of small black diamonds with a row of white ones in between. Each row of black diamonds represent 100 pounds of lost weight; the white row represents my new life. I wear that ring every day and when I feel weak or tempted, I simply look down at my hand and am reminded of my promise to MYSELF. (Your journey should be about YOU….not a promise to someone else, although others can be a motivating factor).   You may want to consider a special necklace, bracelet, medal, or item to remind you of your commitment as well.

There are likely many of you that don’t share in my belief system and that is certainly all right; this group isn’t about that, and my “TOOLS”  may not motivate or inspire you, but hopefully, you have your own SECRET weapons….your OWN personal strength and set of beliefs to encourage you and empower you.  Maybe it’s a picture of you from years ago when you were thinner; maybe it’s a piece of clothing you’d like to fit into; maybe it’s a special reward or 60-day chip that you will give yourself when you reach your goal; it might even be a special friend or sponsor that you can call day or night when you feel weak.  Whatever it is, I encourage you to draw strength from that person, phrase, or thing.  For me, personally, I need to have a whole bunch of things like that because sometimes one thing may work to keep me motivated; other times it takes something else to do the trick.  Fill your “Life-changing tool box” with a variety of things to keep you on track.

The secret is unique to you…..but deeply rooted inside of you.  It’s there…..just dig deep and find it.  And above all things…. BELIEVE in yourself and your ability to succeed. YOU CAN do this!