Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Change is painful, no doubt, but so is remaining where you are.

This is so true! There is no doubt that changing one’s life is hard, but remaining in a state of hopelessness, disability, pain, and struggling with the effects of obesity, addiction, or depression can be so much harder.  When I’m faced with the temptation to go off track, I often remind myself that it was a whole lot harder to be live my life at 400+ pounds and unable to walk more than a few steps at a time than it is to say “No” to a cookie or a handful of potato chips.  The principle is the same regardless of the habits and old life you are working to leave behind.

The choice is yours, my friends, and when you finally realize that you no longer want to live your life trapped in a life of hopelessness, pain, or despair, you will know that you are READY for change. Many of you have already reached that point, but if you are like me, you have days when you “forget’ what it was like to live with the extra weight…..or drunk….or high…..or in constant conflict, chaos or anxiety…….(whatever your burden), especially when you are struggling to stay focus and motivated.  One of my strategies is to keep some “before” pictures in various places….like on my refrigerator or on the cabinet at work….as a reminder of the old life I am trying so hard to leave behind. When I “see” the pain and sadness in my face and remember what life was like in those days, it makes it much easier to walk away from temptation and eat a pear instead.

Have a good day today!