Thursday, February 5, 2015

Keep starting over

Don't ever quit starting over. While it is true that it's much easier if you just keep moving in the right direction, or at least you tread water and fight the currents in life that try to knock you backwards, the reality is that Life gets really had sometimes and challenges you in a way that you never imagined. Remember, it takes a lot more strength to keep trying and not give in to the desire to quit. You are stronger than you realize and you have the ability to succeed. More important is the reality that God is stronger than anything you're facing or dealing with.

  It's a new day....don't try to do it all today....simply ask God to give you the strength to get through the first hour or the first meal....and then the next and so forth.  It is incredibly hard to focus on one's journey when other 'stuff" or life issues get in the way, but each day we are given a chance to start do keep focused. Don't stop giving up and never lose hope. You will get through this!