Monday, February 23, 2015

Good thought for the day

Can't think of a better sentiment to begin my day, other than a prayer of gratitude that I have been given another day of life.....even with a wind chill factor of 41 degrees below zero!  As I go about my day today, I want to be consciously aware that everything that happens (yes, even the things that don't go my way or threatens my peacefulness).....every person I encounter (yes, even the ones that push my buttons)......every step I take (yes, even if they are painful)....are a gift from God.  My strategy today....when I feel hungry, bored, tired, or to try to find something to be grateful for instead  of reaching for a snack.

Hope everyone is doing well….I’ll be very happy when spring arrives and my college classes are finished……getting tired of the cold weather and homework, but GRATITUDE is a conscious choice to make the best of all things.