Friday, January 2, 2015

what kind of choice will you make today?

While there are many things about our lives over which we have little or no control, we are given the freedom and ability to make choices each day that can significantly alter our reality.  Some choices are easier than others like deciding what to watch on TV or which shoes to wear each day ( sometimes take me a few tries before I'm satisfied…LOL).  Each of us has likely made some major choices at one time or another….job, school, partner, residence, etc…. and we often think that those decisions are the MOST important ones because they can significantly impact our future.  The truth, however, is that each DAY we are presented with choices that are as important to our health and well-being and can and will alter our lives in ways that we may not even imagine. We are given the choice to decide what we want more…. A donut?  A drink? A grudge? ....or freedom….better health…..the feeling of self-control….peace and a joy that we never knew existed. 

  For me, personally, the key to changing my life was ( is ) nothing more than making choices each day in what I eat; what I think; what I do….and asking myself WHAT DO I WANT MORE?  As you start your journey into this New Year….or recommit to one you’ve already begun… I encourage you to pay attention to all the opportunities you have each day to choose…..happiness; peace of mind; healthier food; activity; attitude….the list is endless. Each day I must ask God to give me the strength to make the right choices; to do/eat/say the right thing and to recognize that I am not perfect; that I will falter and fail; while being keenly aware that I am given the chance each day to start all over and make better choices. 

Making the decision to dump those soda bottles and get rid of the sugar/junk out of my diet was the best PHYSICAL decision I’ve ever made.  Making the decision to surrender the fear; doubt; and grief to God was the best EMOTIONAL decision I’ve ever made. But making the decision to be grateful for EVERYTHING is/was ultimately the most important decision of my life.  My friends….YOUR life does not have to be one of pain, sadness, or despair. Your destiny/future is in your hands. What will you decide????